Hiking Oregon’s Oneota George

Off I-84 near Mulnomah Falls outside of Portland, Oregon, the Oneonta Gorge is one of those bucket list natural wonders.

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Really, nothing can prepare you for the Gorge- it’s one of those things you have to see to believe.


It’s a short hike, but there are a few obstacles to climb and wade around- plan to get wet and crawl over logs to get to the falls. You’ll be wading through water in a cave-like experience, so wear water shoes and bring a change of clothes for afterwards.


At times, the stream is the actual trail, and pending what time of the year you visit, water levels may be pretty high. When we visited in June, water in the final passage before the falls was high (6-7 feet) and freezing. It’s a shock to the system, but worth it to get to the other side.

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Tip: Be cautious about your electronics, put them in waterproof containers before you start the hike.


Climbing fallen timber, walls covered in emerald green moss, and sparkling waterfalls make the hike an incredible experience. On a hot day, visiting the Gorge would be the perfect afternoon activity if you’re visiting Portland.

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A reminder to never lose our sense of wonder, the Gorge is an unusual and beautiful place.

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