#Take12Trips: March

Is anyone else surprised it’s already April? This year is flying by!

Fortunately, I’m keeping up with my New Year’s Resolution to #Take12Trips. I’ve been able to spend time each month visiting a new destination or exploring a different neighborhood. To recap #Take12Trips so far:

  • January: Visited Florida twice, once for a week-long family vacation to Walt Disney World, and another time at the end of the month with my mom. Although I’ve been to WDW and Florida a few times, it was nice to take a break from winter and spend time in the sun

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  • February: Stayed close to home and visited Astoria a few times to try restaurants and bars I’ve never been to, as well as check out different neighborhoods and local shops. This month was about rest and rejuvenation for me, which makes me appreciate how flexible the #Take12Trips challenge is- anything, even a day trip somewhere new counts!

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  • March: Spent an awesome long weekend in downtown Charleston, a city that epitomizes Southern charm- quaint streets lined with sprawling, pastel homes and palm trees; some of the nicest people I’ve ever met; and, seriously good eats

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Continuing on with my resolution to travel more this year, near and far, here’s what I’ve got planned for the rest of 2016 thus far. It’s a good mix of adventures close-to-home and explorations in new places.

  • April: This is a travel filled month for me- Philadelphia for a race, Seattle for a long weekend, Tulum for a week-long beach getaway and Boston / Cape Cod for a long weekend (going to a friend’s wedding!) at the end of the month
  • May: Coming off April’s travel high, I’ll be staying in the city this month. Thinking of spending some time Bushwick since I’ve only been out to that part of Brooklyn a few times
  • June: Long weekend in London (one of my favorite cities)
  • July: Thinking about taking a “staycation” to my family’s home in Pittsburgh for a weekend
  • August: TBD, Considering about an end-of-summer weekend getaway to Rhode Island or Maine
  • September: Amsterdam, Berlin & Munich for Oktoberfest!
  • October: Paris!
  • November: TBD, Thinking about a weekend trip to the Bahamas or spending Thanksgiving in London and Dublin
  • December: TBD, Looking for a US city to spend NYE in- Nashville is the front-runner at this point

Is anyone else doing the #Take12Trips challenge this year or trying to travel more? I’d love to hear about your adventures and plans for the rest of 2016 🙂

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