Travel Crush: Maine

If you live in New York for a few summers, there are places it seems like everyone takes a vacation to at some point- Maine is one of those places.

Plenty of hiking trails, seaside scenery, fresh lobster, juicy blueberries and colorful quaint villages. And, as if the charming coastal scene wasn’t enough, I’ve heard good things about Portland from some of my favorite foodies. Need I say more to pique interest in a weekend visit?

With summer approaching, I’m planning a few quick-trip weekend getaways and determined to finally make it up to Maine this year. Picturing a weekend in Portland, trying local craft beers and eating all of the blueberry pie after a day spent exploring the coast.

If you’ve been to Maine or the Portland area, are there any must-visit places that should be on my list?

All below images via Lexi’s Clean Kitchen: LINK


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