Travel Crush: Cartagena, Colombia

For decades, Colombia has struggled with illegal drug trade, but thanks to recent declines in production and trafficking, and demobilization of FARC, the coastal city of Cartagena has emerged as a destination for travelers.

We’re planning a trip to Colombia over Thanksgiving and I’m already excited to explore the vibrant city of Cartagena.

Colonial architecture and cobblestone streets, no shortage of historic landmarks, beautiful beaches, lively music and fun nightlife- to say the city is alive would be an understatement.

Chatting with people who’ve been to Cartagena recently, I’m reminded of Tulum. There’s always something going on, but it’s also a laid-back city with something for everyone- whether you prefer relaxing on the beach or admiring slices of perfectly maintained history.

Recently, one of my favorite bloggers, DesignLoveFest took a trip to Cartagena, and I’ve gotta say- I’m crushing hard on her photos. I mean, would you look at all that lush greenery? Look at those bright flowing flowers! It’s like a Latin New Orleans, so dreamy.

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All inspiration images via @DesignLoveFest’s Instagram. 

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