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NYC Loves: Museum of Ice Cream

NEW SERIES UPDATE: Starting a new series where I share one of my favorite places in New York City each month. Over the next few months, I’m going to put together guides for my favorite neighborhoods, and tips for what to see on weekend visits during each season in the city. Until then though, I’ll be starting to highlight a few of the things that make this city so great to live in (and visit). 

When the question is sprinkles, the answer is always yes. Especially when it’s a pool filled with them.


When I first heard about the Museum of Ice Cream pop-up, it almost seemed too good to be true: an interactive museum all about ice cream? Sold.

The temporary museum in New York’s Meatpacking District opened July 29th and will be open through August. Apparently, I’m not the only person excited about the museum- all 30,000 tickets sold out five days after they became available, and there’s a rapidly growing waitlist (rumored to be +70k).


What makes the Museum of Ice Cream so special?

It’s a creative pop-up where you can enjoy some great ice cream and take a few Instagram-worthy photos. The entire experience is curated by a collective of people obsessed with ice cream.


Of course, it’s only fitting to expect ice cream while at the Museum of Ice Cream. Providers rotate weekly- when we visited, we had ice cream from Good Humor, as well as a soft-serve cone. And, many of the rooms (think Dove in the chocolate room) have treats available to make the time spent in them sweeter.

IMG_4244 IMG_4242 IMG_4249


Everyone seems to agree the best part of the museum is the swimmable rainbow “sprinkle” pool. Sinking in the sprinkles was such a weird feeling- oddly enough, it took me right back to my childhood.


What else will you do on your visit? Taste edible sugar helium balloons, scoop “ice cream” onto a massive sundae, swing on an ice cream sandwich, and taste a magic berry that turns sour things into sweet things (they give you a lemon slice to test it out on- so wild!).

IMG_4246 IMG_4245 IMG_4239

The only room I could have done without is the chocolate one, it’s essentially a bunch of chocolate shards on the floor, bowls of Dove candy on stands, and a projection of chocolate streams pouring into one another.


Is the Museum of Ice Cream comparable to the Whitney (or any other museum in New York)? No, most definitely not. However, for $15 a ticket, it is a fun experience. Without a doubt, it’s the most elaborate pop-up museum I’ve ever visited (much better than the Museum of Feelings).

All things considered, it isn’t a bad deal in my opinion (I’m accustomed to spending $5-7 for a cone at any of NYC’s artisanal ice cream shops). If you go in expecting a museum, you’ll likely be disappointed. But, if you go in interested in having a good time and taking some cool pics, you’ll enjoy the experience.

Unfortunately, tickets are no longer available for the museum, but if you sign-up for the email waitlist on their website, you’ll be updated if more tickets become available.


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