Photo Diary: Fall Euro Trip

Last fall, I spent a week and a half traveling throughout Europe (London, Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam). Along the way, I met travelers who were in Europe for Oktoberfest and visiting a few other cities as part of their trip.

Oktoberfest had always interested me, but I didn’t seriously consider attending the festival until hearing stories from people who had just been there. Once I decided Oktoberfest was something I needed to do in 2016, I started planning a trip.

Knowing how inexpensive it is to travel within Europe once you’re there, I wanted to see and do more than Oktoberfest on the trip. Through planning (and after finding a few flight deals), I landed on visiting Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich and Paris.

I don’t consider myself to be a festival or party/club person per-se, and wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy Oktoberfest. After a few days at the festival though, I walked away excited to return to Oktoberfest one day. So excited to share more about the trip, including my tips for traveling throughout Europe and attending Oktoberfest over the next few weeks.

Until then, a few of my favorite moments from the trip below 🙂


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