Travel Crush: Bali

Over the next year or two, I’m hoping to check off a few places in Asia. At the top of my list? Tokyo, Bali, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Cambodia.

I’ve already written about my crush on Hong Kong, and if you know me, you know I talk about Thailand all the time. And, the more I hear about Bali, the more interested I become in visiting this Indonesian island known for its vibrant culture and year-round pleasant climate.

Travelers describe Bali as a place that has it all- beaches, rice fields, volcanoes, dive sites and lush forests. What sets Bali apart from other tropical destinations though is tradition. A haven for spiritual and healthy living, the island’s hundreds of temples are a living, breathing representation of Balinese culture.

Is it any wonder artists, surfers and temple-goers flock to Bali each year? Can’t wait to check out this slice of paradise myself.

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3 thoughts on “Travel Crush: Bali

  1. Hate to say it though but I wish someone had told me that Bali’s main area, at least is sooo ridiculously touristy. You really have to get out of the city to experience the “real” Bali. When we did, he locals were tracking ISIS-swear to god. They are held up in the jungle. Just FYI.

  2. I made my first trip to Bali last year and let me tell you – it is absolutely incredible! I’m super excited to take my next trip in 2017! It’s just such a spiritual, welcoming and beautiful place! I hope you make it soon! Xx

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