Moving to London!

Y’all! Big news to share today: At the end of the year, I’m moving to London! 


If you know me, you know I’ve had serious heart eyes for London since visiting the city for the first time as a college freshman. I came home from that trip with a faux-British accent, that’s how hard I’d fallen for England.

So, when an opportunity to move there came up at work, I was beyond excited. I don’t know if I’ll ever be a full-time traveler- I enjoy what I do as my career and like that it gives me the flexibility to live in major cities, but still take time off each year to explore new destinations.


Although this baby blog isn’t even a year old, there’s no doubt my content will become more Europe focused. I’m ecstatic to explore more cities, countries, and get to know some European cities I’ve been to even better.

I’ve enjoyed the six years I’ve spent in New York, but I’m ready for something new. Get ready for some kick ass European adventures 🙂


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