Travel Crush: Vancouver

Every time I’m in Seattle, I find myself wishing I’d planned a visit to Vancouver as part of the trip. Somehow though (likely because there are so many great things to do in Seattle), I’ve never made it across the border.

This upcoming year, one of my best friends from childhood is getting married in Seattle, which means I’ll be back in the Pacific Northwest a few times, and am determined to pop up to Vancouver during one of those trips.


Why am I so excited about Vancouver?

It’s a city that embodies the PNW- laid back vibes, plenty of parks and hiking trails, a budding foodie culture, phenom distilleries, local markets, and a great art scene. Vancouver is a city home to endless adventures.


I’m already envisioning morning hikes in stunning landscapes, refueling with delicious brunch, going for an afternoon stroll on one of the city’s beaches, and rounding out the evening downtown, visiting a gallery or two and enjoying a cocktail.

Is it any wonder my daydreams have me saying, Oh, Canada?


Photo credits: RTW Girl

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