New York City

Photo Diary: Life in NYC

In 2012, I moved to New York City after finishing classes for a Master’s program in Indiana. Growing up in Pittsburgh, I’d been to New York City once before, but had never really considered living in the city full time.

While still in school, I envisioned moving to Chicago or Austin for a few years- experiencing city life, but at a smaller scale.

In truth, I only considered interviewing in New York because I knew the marketing agency landscape was promising. The city itself was somewhere I never really saw myself curating a life.

After accepting a job offer to move to New York, I rationalized I’d stay here for one, or two, years max. And then, something I hadn’t expected happened- I fell in love with New York.

All these years later, I look around me while walking down the street and feel amazed. There’s only one word I can think of that summarizes all these years in the big apple: grateful.

Yesterday, I moved to the U.K. for a work opportunity, and while I’m so excited to dig in and start building a life here, New York has left a hole in my heart I didn’t see coming.

Culling down my favorite photos from years of living in this energetic and exciting, yet challenging, city was difficult, but these photos represent the things I love most about life here.

Inspirational street art that speaks straight to the soul
Walking from one borough to another, urban landscapes, and a city that always has so much energy to give
Afternoons spent writing or working at neighborhood cafes
World-class mixologists and cocktail bars
Lazy, summer picnics in my backyard (aka Central Park)
The holiday season in the city, always magical
Tons of parks and highway trails to log miles or go for a bike ride with nature juxtapositioned against the skyline
An incredible, albeit at times frustrating, transit system 
Architecture that makes you pause mid-step to admire a view
Sunsets from Brooklyn, always. As the saying goes, sunsets are proof that endings can be beautiful too. 

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