20 Instagram Accounts to Inspire your Next Trip

Looking for travel inspiration? Instagram is one of my favorite go-to’s. With an abundance of travel photographers and bloggers, it’s fun to follow along as they capture stunning images of places they explore all over the world.

Checking in on my favorite Instagramers has become a daily routine for me. Not only is it the best eye candy for wanderlust, but some of their snaps help inspire future trips or give me places to visit in cities I’m traveling to.

20 of my Go-To Instagram Accounts for Travel Inspiration

  • @zachspassport: Zach is the founder of @passionpassport, a community of travelers, storytellers and creatives. Love, love, love the stories behind posts on both channelsimg_0467
  • @theblondeabroad: Kiersten travels the world full-time and blogs about her adventures. Seriously digging some of her drone content lately, very cool


  • @wanderlust_tribe: The world’s biggest travel tribe, always one of my go-to’s for inspiration


  • @worldwanderlust: Brooke lives out of a suitcase and it comes through in her posts, they invoke serious wanderlust


  •  @kevinandamanda: Amanda, the food and travel blogger, behind the couple’s Instagram documents her crazy indulgent meals from location to location, as well as some truly awe-inspiring snaps


  • @traveling9to5er: Megan encourages full-time professionals to travel and explore both near and far, which I love because that’s what I try to do as well


  • @angieaway: On-the-go since 2010, Angie documents her travels around the world


  • @alexinwanderland: Alex is a travel writer that’s been on-the-go since 2011. Lately, she’s been spending a lot of time in Thailand, which automatically makes her one of my favorite travel bloggers


  • @adventurouskate: One of my go-to inspirations for solo and independent travel for women. Kate’s been to 67 countries & counting. When she’s not on the road, she lives in a neighborhood close to mine in West Harlem, which means she’s a good resource for discovering NYC gems too


  • @kiristinalena: Kirstin always seems to visit the places on my list as I’m planning or considering a trip there. She focuses on luxury travel, but I appreciate the stories behind every post


  • @legalnomads: Jodi is a former laywer who now travels the world, writing about her adventures and the food she has in each locale


  • @expertvagabond: Matthew shares images from all ends of the earth- towns in rocky mountains, erupting volcanoes and tales of locals in each destination


  • @muradosmann: Famed for the #FollowMeTo series, Murad takes stunning images of his girlfriend Nataly as they travel the world


  • @getlostwithjackie: Jackie is a solo world traveler who shares bright, colorful pics from each of her destinations


  • @missjetsetter: Every image in her feed carries the same color palette, which paints the world in a beautiful hue


  • @lunaticatlarge: Kristin is a traveler, foodie, adventurer and fitness fan (aka we have a lot in common). Maybe I love following Kristin because we share a lot of the same interests and like visiting the same kinds of places- whatever the reason, she’s one cool gal


  • @lostncheeseland: Lindsey in a writer based on Paris and shares shots of her daily life around the city, as well as her travels to other European countries. Dig having the insider scoop on cafes, bars and shops to check-out on future rips to Paris


  • @theplanetd: Dave & Deb are an award winning adventure couple, who’ve been to 100+ countries. If you’re in the mood to get lost in a wanderlust spiral, this profile is going to be your jam


  • @nomadicmatt: Matt’s a nomad and backpacker and specializes in budget travel. He wrote the NYT bestselling book, “How to Travel the World on $50 a Day”


  • @everythingeverywhere: Gary’s photographs are breathtaking, which comes at no surprise knowing he’s been voted 3x travel photographer of the year. Another one of my go-to accounts for serious travel inspiration


Who do you follow on Instagram or other social channels for travel and trip planning inspiration? 

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