Photo Diary: Rome, Italy

This post is a bit of a throwback, the first time I visited Italy was in my sophomore year of college- so it’s been a while. 😉

Before traveling to Italy, I’d only been to Europe once to visit London. Although London will forever be one of my favorite cities in the world, Italy blew me away.

The history. The art. The landscape and architecture. The food. The wine.  The diversity of the different regions. Did I mention the food?

Being so young and so new to travel, I had a great time on our trip, most of which was spent in Rome, but I didn’t appreciate it to the degree I know I would today. Although, we were blessed by the reigning Pope at the time, so I suppose that’s something. 🙂

Now that I’m living in the UK, I’m excited to plan a few weekend trips to Italy to revisit Rome, and explore new cities. At the top of my list?

The sinking canals of Venice, the southern towns of Positano, Amalfi and Portofino, the bright villages of Cinque Terre, the art of Florence, the olive groves and hills of Tuscany, and the fashion in Milan. Italy is such a beautiful place, can’t wait to explore more of what this stunning country has to offer.


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