Staying in an Airstream at El Cosmico

America is home to some of the most beautiful places and exciting cities in the world. 48 hours in the desert town of Marfa was all it took to develop a major crush on West Texas.

Marfa is the stuff small town dreams are made of. Wide-open Texas sky. No stoplights (only a blinking traffic light). Skylines that stretch for miles. Remoteness.


And, with Marfa being the art hub it is, it should come as no surprise there are some seriously cool places to visit, and stay in town.

The best of the bunch when it comes to places to rest your head? El Cosmico.

Oh, El Cosmico, you adorable thing you. The most charming campground there ever was.


Picture this: vintage airstream trailers, Mongolian yurts and teepees in the middle of the desert. There are hammocks and wood-fired hot tubs and community events (music festivals, movie nights, etc.). The only sound you hear is the occasional car whizzing by, and the buzz of the neon-Texas sign hanging above one of the outdoor restrooms. 


From the owner:“The hotel’s aesthetic is more inspired by nomadic cultures than it is modern. There’s a strong influence from places like Mexico and India, which speaks to the spirit of the wanderer or intrepid traveler. Marfa, Texas, naturally inspires that feeling of slowing down and spending time looking at the beautiful expanse all around you. We built El Cosmico around that natural response to the landscape.”

We spent one night in El Cosmico on our trip to Marfa, choosing to stay in the Battleship airstream. If you head to Marfa from November-March (when the overnight temps can drop as low as 30 degrees F), I’d recommend trying to get one of the airstreams so you’re warm and cozy.


We loved staying in the Battleship one- it’s newly renovated and one of the only ones with an indoor shower, which makes a huuuuge difference during early am showers in the winter. We also enjoyed our spacious deck, and dug how comfy the living room was- hello leather couch you can sink into.


If anything, I wish we would have spent another night at El Cosmico- it would have been great to kick back with a few Lonestars by one of the communal fire pits, and even chat with some of the other guests.

Short on time as we were, we opted to have a dinner of pizza and wine in our airstream the night we spent at El Cosmico. Without tv or wifi, you’re really forced to disconnect- which is all kinds of wonderful when you’re in the middle of the desert.


If you decide to stay at El Cosmico, book early. We reserved our airstream three months in advance- it’s not uncommon for the airstreams, as well as teepees and yurts, to sell out.

If you can’t get a reservation, I’d still recommend stopping by to check out the property. El Cosmico has an awesome gift shop, and it’s nearby Marfa Burrito and do your thing coffee- the perfect wander for a morning in Marfa.


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