Travel Crush: Stockholm

My love for all things Scandi is no secret. Iceland and Denmark are two of my favorite places, in part because of the Scandinavian cultural influences.

I’ve been trying to work Stockholm into my trip list for a long time. Initially, I’d planned on visiting Stockholm during this upcoming summer- now that I’m living in Europe, it’s only a short flight away. 🙂

However, after doing a bit of research and realizing Barcelona (the initial Easter weekend getaway plan) may be a bit more crowded because of the holiday festivities, I decided to swap the trip timings and visit Sweden in April instead.

I’m still in trip planning mode, but hoping to spend a few days in Stockholm, as well as a day or two in Gothenburg.

Stockholm is a beautiful capital city, built on water and often called the ‘Venice of the north’. It’s known as one of Europe’s best-preserved old towns. I’m planning on spending most of my time in Sweden wandering, soaking in the beautiful interiors and taking Fika at every opportunity.

What’s Fika, you ask? The act of drinking coffee is so important to Swedes, they’ve turned it into an art form. Fika is a huge part of Swedish culture, which essentially means having coffee and a treat over conversation with someone.

Bring on the Fika, Sweden, I’m all about it.

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