Photo Diary: Sweden

I’d dreamt of visiting Stockholm for a while- but, hadn’t planned on also seeing Gothenburg until about a month before my trip when I decided to extend my four day trip (#PraiseHands for bank holidays) into five days so I’d be able to travel across Sweden to check out the seaside town.

As with every Scandi adventure I’ve taken, Sweden exceeded my expectations.

Stockholm is a beautiful capital city, built on the water, and known as one of Europe’s best preserved old towns.

And Gothenburg is calm in comparison to Stockholm, but no less beautiful. It’s a city of delicious food, old-Swedish architecture, eclectic coffee culture and microbreweries.

Over the course of ~five days, I walked down cobblestone streets, took fika at every opportunity, savored Swedish specialities (meatballs! lingonberry! cinnamon rolls!), admired modern art, shopped for Scandi treasures to bring back to England, and found comparison to other Nordic countries I’ve visited- mainly Denmark and Iceland.

To say I loved Stockholm would be an understatement. I definitely want to visit Stockholm in the summer again, when the weather is warm and the sun shines all day, but this trip was a great first introduction to another slice of Scandinavia.


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