Subway Art in Stockholm

I knew I’d love Stockholm’s Scandi design, but I hadn’t expected that enjoyment to extend to the city’s subway system.

Only the Swedes could make public transit so wonderful, Stockholm’s subway system has been designed to be the world’s longest art gallery.

Travelers and commuters will find a variety of paintings, mosaics and sculptures across Stockholm’s metro- 150 artists were commissioned to bring art to 90 of the 100 stations.

The stations were enhanced back in the 1950s as part of a social debate to make art accessible to everyone. Back then, only the elite could afford admission to Stockholm’s art galleries and museums.

I loved riding between metro stations, exploring and discovering the art at each one. I’m lucky enough to live within walking distance to my job in London, but after riding the New York subway day in and day out for over 6 years, Stockholm’s transit was a welcome change from the dirty, drab systems found in most cities.

It’s art meets function, and something I consider to be a must-see when visiting Stockholm.

A single ticket costs about ~$4-4:50 USD and is valid for 75 minutes of travel. In one trip, I was able to visit all of the below stations.

Stockholm’s metro is broken up into three lines (blue, red, green), all of which are easy to navigate, even if you aren’t used to taking public transit every day. All of the lines intersect at T-Centralen, making it easy to hop off one onto another.

Stops I visited-

  • Blue Line: Kungsträdgården, T-centralen, Rådhuset
  • Red Line: Stadion, Morby Centrum

Fun fact: At Kungsträdgården, you’ll see an archeological dig with Roman columns and marble slabs. All pieces are remnants from the Makalos Palace, which one stood above the same location.

Morby Centrum
Morby Centrum

Stations I didn’t make it to, but would visit on my next trip: Tensta, Stadshagen, Solna Centrum.

Have you ever been to a city with an awesome or inspiring public transit system?

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