Photo Diary: Venice & Milan

Even since visiting Italy for the first time over 9 years ago, I’ve been looking forward to a return trip. Having only been to Rome and Pompeii, planning a long weekend in other Italian destinations was at the top of my priority list once I moved to London.

Fortunately, a bank holiday at the end of April provided the perfect time to spend a long weekend in Venice and Milan.

I chose to fly in/out of Milan because I found a great flight deal, and figured I may as well see another Italian city while I had the chance. To get to Venice, I took the train from Milan, which only took ~2 hours each way.

Although my time in each city was short, I’m so glad I ventured to both.

Venice was incredible. The most picturesque streets and houses you can imagine. It felt like I was on a movie set, every corner was full of magic. I’ll write more about our time in Venice, but my advice would be to just wander. With the canals and architecture, you’ll be treated to gorgeous views wherever you are. And, nothing beats pizza, pasta, Aeprol spritzes and gelato.

IMG_1099 IMG_1110 IMG_1124 IMG_1184 IMG_1190 IMG_1244 IMG_1332 IMG_1403

Milan, in contrast to Venice, is like another world. As the fashion and business capital of Italy, it feels a lot more like a modern city. However, there are pockets of charm to be found in elegant shopping malls, art collections and Gothic architecture.

IMG_1515 IMG_1512 IMG_1558 IMG_1589 IMG_1549 IMG_1559 IMG_1655 IMG_1730 IMG_1737

Visiting Venice and Milan reignited my love for Italy, and has me excited to re-visit Rome, as well as other parts of the country that seems to get better with each visit.

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