Travel Crush: Poland

Growing up with Polish influence (my mother’s side of the family is Polish), meant several things: one of the most important being there were always homemade pierogis. It wasn’t until middle school that I realized not every kid knew the joy of homemade pierogis. Delicious dumplings aside, visiting Poland has long been a dream of mine, largely because of my family’s connection to the country.

Poland may be one of Europe’s lesser known gems, but there’s plenty of old world charm to go around. At the top of my to-visit list? Warsaw, Poland’s capital city, and Krakow, the cultural center of the country.

As a country, Poland may have a devastating history. But, today, in Warsaw, modern architecture mixes with medieval charm. And in Krakow, hip bars and cafes draw visitors to explore Poland.

I don’t have a trip on the books just yet- but thinking early-mid fall for a quick jaunt over to Krakow. Been to Poland? Always open to recos 🙂


All Warsaw photos from here & here, and Krakow photos from here

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