Where to Eat & Drink in Hong Kong

Hong Kong: Dense, populated, colorful, energetic. It’s city meets jungle. Everyone told me I’d like Hong Kong, but I wasn’t prepared to love it so much.

Hong Kong is made up of over 230 islands, along with a part attached to mainland China called Kowloon. We stayed on Hong Kong Island, which is where the majority of my recos are focused.

There are plenty of things to do, and great places to eat/drink in Kowloon, but we preferred the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong Island.

Four days in Hong Kong wasn’t nearly enough time for everything I wanted to do and see, but just another reason to head back for another holiday.

Where to Eat

  • Hoo Lee Fook (Hong Kong Island, Central District): I’d heard this was one of the hardest restaurants to book in HK, but decided to try my luck one night. There was a 30 minute wait, which I passed with a drink at a nearby bar. It ended up being well worth the wait, living up to the motto, ‘Good fortune for your mouth’. The shrimp fried rice, twice cooked green beans and fried cauliflower were incredible- such inventive Chinese flavors. I didn’t try them, but I’ve heard the short ribs are phenom
  • Yardbird (Hong Kong Island, Central District): Hands down my favorite meal in HK. The whisky menu is ace, and although they’re known for their yakitori, the whole menu is stellar. Every bite we ate seemed better than the last- the pickles, sweet corn tempura, crispy brussels sprouts, rice cakes (!), sweet potato, and KFC (Korean fried cauliflower) are all worthy of recommending
  • Dim Sum:
    • Yum Cha (Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui): Cute, tasty dim sum. I ordered the hot custard buns, matcha buns and pineapple birds. Hot custard buns FTW. Make a reservation to avoid waiting for a table
    • Mott 32 (Hong Kong Island, Central District): Another favorite place in HK, great dim sum. Make a reservation before you come, and reserve a duck if that’s your thing
    • Dim Sum Square (Hong Kong Island, Central District): Really great custard buns. Good dim sum at an affordable price
  • Tai Cheong Bakery (Hong Kong Island, Central District): Best egg tarts in HK- light, crumbly and creamy
  • Mana! Fast Slow Food (Hong Kong Island, Central District): Delicious healthy food. Loved this so much, I came twice during my time in HK. Fan of the green juice and falafel vegetable wraps
  • Mammy Pancake (Kowloon, Tsim Sha Tsui): Egg waffles are a big thing in HK- perfect street snack. This place was my fav, dug the sweet potato and mocha flavors
  • Oodies Foodies (Hong Kong Island, Central District): More egg waffles, this time with ice cream #HeartEyes
  • Temple Street Night Market (Kowloon): Great place to souvenir shop. There are tons of restaurants off the markets side streets. On a nice night, you’ll see a bunch of people eating outside- pick a place with a lot of people lingering and dig in


Where to Grab a Drink

  • 65 Peel (Hong Kong Island, Central District): Great selection of beers, perfect for people watching as you sip your cold one in the street. Nearby 99 Bottles is another great beer spot
  • Ozone (Kowloon, West Harbour): Atop the Ritz-Carlton, drinks aren’t cheap at the world’s highest open air bar, but the view makes them worth it. In addition to killer views, it helped the cocktails were really good
  • Sevva (Hong Kong Island, Central District): Rooftop bars abound in HK, and the view from this one was one of my favorites. Chill atmosphere, plenty of space to sit and relax. Drinks were, no surprise, overpriced for the quality. Ce La Vi is another nearby rooftop with a slightly different view- more focused on the mountains- and the vibe is a bit busier
  • Cafe Grey Deluxe (Hong Kong Island, Central District): We stayed at the Upper House, so coming here twice for a nightcap was easy on our way back to our room. But, even if you’re not staying at TUH, the view here and perfectly crafted cocktails ensure its place on my list
  • Mak Mak (Hong Kong Island, Central District): Reviewed for being an awesome Thai restaurant, we came here for drinks one night. We didn’t try the food, but the Mak Thai we had (served in a lightbulb) was just the right mix of sweet fruit flavor and rum
  • Maison Libanaise (Hong Kong Island, Central District): Middle eastern food looked great, be we came here for the rooftop frose special
  • Duddell’s (Hong kong Island, Central District): Really great cocktails on a lush rooftop. We didn’t eat here, but with two Michelin stars, it’s understandable why the Sunday boozy champagne dim sum brunch is said to be the stuff dreams are made of
  • Dusk till Dawn and Amazonia (Hong Kong Island, Wanchai): Live music and a good crowd. Awesome nightlife in HK


Where to Have Coffee

  • The Coffee Academics (Multiple locations, Hong Kong Island): We visited the location in Wanchai, and the one in Central District. Great breakfast spot with a good flat white
  • Cupping Room (Hong Kong Island, Central District): Good cold brew
  • Steam Cafe (Hong Kong Island, Sheung Wan): Few things are better than cute latte art. V. into the panda the barista drew on my drink
  • Elephant Grounds (Hong Kong Island, Central District): New to the coffee scene in HK. The giant lattes are good, but I was more interested in the gooey grilled cheese and Thai iced tea
  • Lock Cha Tea House: If you don’t drink coffee, but are into afternoon tea, this is your place. And, if you’re vegetarian like me, you’ll love the dim sum here 🙂


Have you been to Hong Kong? Did you have any favorite places to grab a bite or enjoy a drink? 

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