A Night at The Upper House, Hong Kong

On a recent trip to Asia, I spent two weekends in Hong Kong. On the first weekend, I stayed in a reasonable hotel in the Wan Chai district (found via Booking.com). In between weekends, I traveled to Japan to meet a friend from the States, and explore Tokyo and Kyoto. At the end of our time in Japan, my friend surprised me by announcing he’d be joining me for the last weekend in Hong Kong.

Already excited to have a friend to explore a part of Asia that was quickly becoming one of my favorite places, I was over the moon when he told me he’d booked The Upper House for our stay.

A quick note: I don’t ever stay in luxury hotels. One of the reasons I’m able to travel so much is because I opt for more affordable lodging options, like Airbnb. I’m fortunate to have a friend who was interested in staying at this property- it’s an experience I won’t soon forget.

The Upper House was a true dream. It’s located within Hong Kong’s luxury shopping complex, Pacific Place on Hong Kong Island.

No detail is overlooked at The Upper House. It didn’t even feel like we were staying at a hotel, it felt like we were in someone’s posh home.

Even the check-in process at TUH is designed to feel different from a typical hotel. After a paperless check-in, guests are provided with a ‘guest experience team’, who are there for every need during their stay.


Oozing tranquil, neutral vibes, we found it difficult to leave TUH to explore the city.

Our room had a minimalistic look without feeling barren. Hong Kong isn’t known for roomy interiors, but our studio at TUH was the size of an apartment. The bed was among the comfiest I’ve ever slept on, the sofa was perfect for lounging, and the enormous windows were breathtaking. We could see part of the city and harbor, as well as the lush mountainside from our room.


As we explored more of our room, we realized whatever we needed was within reach.

The complimentary maxi bar was stocked with tons of beverages- coconut water, apple juice, still and sparkling waters, soda and beer, as well as a bunch of sweet and salty snacks. Wine and champagne were stocked in the bar, but an extra cost to enjoy.

And, the lights and temperature were on streamlined response systems. I loved we could control the lighting in the entire studio from our bedside table- there was even a ‘night mode’ with low floor lighting.

By far though, my favorite part of the room was the deep soaking tub, and provided bath salts and oils. Relaxing in the tub while watching a movie on the adjacent screen and drinking a glass of wine was the perfect way to unwind after a day in the city streets.


Like our room, the gym had everything we could have needed- plenty of cardio machines, weight machines, free weights and other workout tools (balls, bands, mats)- not to mention the same stunning panoramic views.


You can order room service from the in-room televisions, but not venturing up to Cafe Grey Deluxe would be a mistake. Like the rest of the hotel, the grand cafe is beautifully designed, and overlooks Victoria Harbour. We enjoyed perfect cocktails here both nights we stayed at TUH, the ultimate nightcap.


I loved Hong Kong so much I know I’ll be back someday. And, even if I don’t return to TUH to stay, I will pop by for a drink. It’s a stunning property worthy of being recognized as one of the best hotels in the world.

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