Visiting England’s Lavender Fields

When most people think of the United Kingdom, they imagine it being overcast and rainy. And, don’t get me wrong, it is- but, it’s also a diverse country, full of beautiful surprises.

One such surprise are the lavender fields peppered all over England. No need to cross the channel again 😉


On a sunny Saturday in July, we left Victoria Station in Central London in search of Mayfield’s purple haze in North Surrey.


Family run for 15 years, the farm is stunning- rows and rows of fragrant lavender.

The working farm is open to the public until early September, with peak growing season in July and August.

The £1 entry fee seemed reasonable to explore the fields- in addition to it being a relaxing experience, the rows and rows of lavender make for great photo opps.


At the front of the fields, you’ll find a shop with everything lavender you can imagine- bath products, perfumes, candles, drinks, honey and chocolates. And, there’s even a food stand selling lavender toasties and lavender scones. We noshed on some lavender scones and lavender lemonade.


To get to Mayfield from London without a car, take the train from Victoria Station to Sutton (~20-30 minutes), and then hop on a bus or do as we did, and grab a black cab. The farm is only ~3 miles from the station, so it’s a short ride through the country. On our way back from the farm, we shared an Uber with other people going back to the station.

PS. Another lavender farm on my list of places to visit, likely next summer, is Hop Shop in North Kent.

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