#Take12Trips: August

What. a. month. My sister visited for a week and a half in the beginning of the month, and it was truly a whirlwind trip. In 11 days, we traipsed about London, flew to Amsterdam and Dublin, and took the train to Paris.

I loved showing my sister some of my favourite places, and discovering new things with her. But, y’all, at the end of the trip, I was exhausted. In hindsight, I should have taken another day off work to rest once she left, but of course I tried to jump back into things and came to regret it several days later when I got sick. Thankfully, it was only a sinus infection, but one so bad it took me out of commission for almost two weeks.

In the end, I had to postpone a trip to Bath and some London explorations, but it was worth it for the rest. With the month coming to a close, I’m grateful for a bank holiday weekend to rest a bit more, and get back into a routine.

All this time spent on my sofa has resulted in few goods things, including a lot of writing and trip planning. I’ve pretty much firmed up my fall travel plans (below), and have started daydreaming about a few big trips next year- thinking South Africa, Bali, Greece & Croatia, and perhaps Thailand as well.

Excited to be heading into my favourite season with a few fun trips on the horizon!

Favourite Memories from the Month




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Colchester, England


Here’s where I’m headed for #Take12Trips in 2017:

  • January: Moved to London (!!!), weekend trip to Edinburgh, Scotland
  • February: Weekend in Orlando and Disney World for the Princess Half Marathon 
  • March: A brief return to Austin and couple of days in Marfa, Texas, day trip to Oxford, and weekend in Paris
  • April: Weekend trips to Stockholm/Gothenburg, and Milan/Venice (praise hands for bank holidays)
  • May: Week and a half in Hong Kong, Macau, Japan
  • June: Stayed in the UK, visited Brighton and Hampton Court Palace
  • July: Stayed in the UK, explored parts of London and visited lavender fields
  • August: Amsterdam, Dublin, Paris, and Colchester, England
  • September: Barcelona & Seville, day trips to Bath and Stratford-on-Avon, and Seattle for a wedding
  • October:  Weekend in Prague, potentially a day trip to Cambridge
  • November: Long weekend in Porto & Lisbon
  • December: Weekend in Munich/Nuremberg to visit Christmas markets, and Orlando to celebrate the holidays in the sunshine


#Take12Trips in 2017 is a continuation of the only resolution I made in 2016- a promise to commit to doing something once a month. Anything counts- it can be dinner at a new place, visiting a new museum or spending the weekend at a cute B&B in the country. It doesn’t need to be an epic trip to a foreign country, just the chance to discover something new.

How about you? Are you planning any trips this year that you’re excited about?

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