10 Photos to Inspire a Trip to Oktoberfest

Energy in Munich during Oktoberfest is palpable, everyone seems to be buzzing with excitement. Known to most Americans as a fun drinking festival, Oktoberfest is so much more than getting your drink on with hundreds of strangers.

Oktoberfest is unlike any other festival I’ve been to, in large part, because attendees really embrace the celebration’s traditions. People dressed in traditional Bavarian clothing- Dirndls for the women and Lederhosen for the men- outnumber those in regular clothes, and traditions dating back to the early years are still very much so observed.

Before attending Oktoberfest for the first time, I did a bit of research and talked with friends who had been there before. Something I learned early on- Oktoberfest isn’t something you can really just show up to. You need to plan months in advance for everything from lodging to how you’ll spend your days while in Munich. That doesn’t mean planning out every detail of your trip- but, because you’ll be visiting Munich with thousands of other people, there are some things you should do and know before you go.

With this year’s festival in full swing, now is the time to decide if you want to go to next year’s. Why now? You’ll score the best deals on travel costs (like lodging) if you commit early.

Hope these photos from my Oktoberfest experience inspire you to consider a trip of your own- it’s one I promise you’ll never forget. Prost!


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