Photo Diary: Geneva

Mid-September, I found myself in Geneva for a day on a work trip. I don’t know why Switzerland wasn’t higher of my list of places to visit in Europe, but it’s definitely charmed its way to the top for next year.

Geneva, known to most as Europe’s most expensive city. While that may be true, it’s so much more than that- rich culture and endless adventure make Geneva an incredible travel destination. It’s compact enough to wander downtown on foot, well connected by public transit, and I mean, what’s not to love about a city that prides itself on chocolate, luxury watches and fondue?

Being there for work, there wasn’t time for sightseeing. I did see a tiiiiiny bit of the city since we stayed downtown near Jardin Anglais, and walked to morning coffee and dinner. I may have only see a fraction of Geneva, but hello, heart eyes.


Hovering high priority on my travel list for next year? A return trip to Geneva, and visiting Zurich, Bern, and the stunning town of Annecy.

Have you ever been to Switzerland? Which city was your favorite?

2 thoughts on “Photo Diary: Geneva

  1. Totally agree, it was my first time there but I can’t wait to go back already. Didn’t have a chance to go into any supermarkets, but pick and mix Lindt sounds like a dream ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Switzerland’s a beautiful country – I found Lucerne/Luzern to be really picturesque. I love how the Swiss have pick and mix Lindt in their supermarkets, something I could definitely get on board with over here…

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