#Take12Trips: January

A new year, a new slew of adventures ahead for #Take12Trips.

What is #Take12Trips?

#Take12Trips in 2018 is a continuation of the only resolution I made in 2016- a promise to commit to doing something once a month. Anything counts- it can be dinner at a new place, visiting a new museum or spending the weekend at a cute B&B in the country. It doesn’t need to be an epic trip to a foreign country, just the chance to discover something new.

Since beginning #Take12Trips two years ago, the resolution to visit one new place a month has changed my life in ways I never thought imaginable. So excited to continue this promise to continue exploring the world around us into a third year.

#Take12Trips January

This month, I hadn’t even planned on leaving the UK. Late spring/early summer will be weekend trip heavy for me, and the first time I’m taking some time off (a week in May) to head to Bali and Singapore. Instead, I’d planned on doing 1-2 day trips in the UK. Until I found a great flight deal for Marrakesh.

Digging into Marrakesh, I realised it was an affordable destination- the riads I stayed in were gorgeous, and less than £80 a night, and menus I looked at were priced pretty reasonably as well (£10-15 for an amazing meal). So, on a whim mid-month, I decided to book a weekend in Morocco- my first time in Africa.

I ventured to Marrakesh at the end of the month, and spent the rest of January relaxing in London (desperately needed a break after the holiday craziness). One Saturday mid-month, I left the city to explore Canterbury, only an hour and a half train ride from London.

Canterbury, a medieval city on the south coast of England is best known for its cathedral.

Heading to Canterbury, I knew I wanted to visit the cathedral, it’s been a place of pilgrimage for centuries, and the stunning architecture in/around the cathedral makes spending a few hours there well worth the visit.

Aside from visiting the cathedral, I didn’t plan any other specific activities- a few friends recommended cafes and restaurants, but I kept my day’s agenda light purposely- I wanted to explore at leisure.

As the end of the month approached, I got ready for my first trip to Morocco.

Nothing can really prepare you for your first visit to Marrakesh. It’s everything you imagine. More even. It’s a city that can be magical. But, for many, it’s so much less. It’s not a city for everyone.

Before heading to Marrakesh for a weekend visit, I’d been warned by many people I knew who had been there that I may not like the city- they said it was too chaotic and hectic. I had a totally different experience- I loved the city and left eager to explore other parts of Morocco on future trips (Fez, Chefchaouen).

In total, I spent three days in Marrakesh- arriving early on a Saturday and leaving early on a Tuesday. Over the course of three days, I wandered the city, lounged at rooftop terraces, indulged myself at a spa and relaxed at riads.

An excellent start to 2018, to say the least.

Favourite Moments From The Month

Canterbury, England


Marrakesh, Morocco


Here’s what I’m thinking so far for #Take12Trips 2018:

  • January: Weekend in Marrakesh, Morocco
  • February: Weekend in Hamburg, Germany
  • March: Weekend in Riga, Latvia & a long weekend in Norway- visiting Bergen and Stavanger during the bank holiday at the end of the month
  • April: Weekend trips to Amsterdam to see tulips, and to Krakow, Poland
  • May: Bali & Singapore for a week, and a weekend trip to Liverpool for a race
  • June: Weekend in Cornwall, likely visiting St. Ives and Penzance
  • July – December: TBD
  • December: Planning on spending New Years in South Africa with friends

How about you? Are you planning any trips this year that you’re excited about?

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    • So happy to hear you’re onboard with the idea of #Take12Trips as well 🙂 It’s been one of my favorite things I’ve done over the past few years. And yes! Marrakesh is amazing, would definitely recommend checking it out.

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