A Luxe Spa Experience in Marrakesh

Before heading to Marrakesh for a weekend visit, I’d been warned by people who had been there that I may not like the city- they said it was too chaotic and hectic. I had a totally different experience- I loved the city and left eager to explore other parts of Morocco on future trips.

In total, I spent three days in Marrakesh- arriving early on a Saturday and leaving early on a Tuesday. Over the course of three days, I wandered the city, lounged at rooftop terraces, indulged myself at a spa, and relaxed at the riads I stayed at.

When deciding which spa to visit, there was no question in my mind- I’d seen photos of La Mamounia all over Instagram. It looked incredible.


La Mamounia is one of the most exquisite hotels I’ve ever been to. I thought attention to detail in the riads I stayed in was amazing, but they were nothing in comparison to La Mamounia.

La Mamounia is regal. Every detail is beyond, it’s an intoxicating place. Known for its opulence, Winston Churchill was a fan in his time.


Luxury comes at a price though, and with rooms here beginning at £500 during the dates I’d be in Marrakesh, I decided to book a day pass for their spa and stay at more affordable riads in the medina.

If you aren’t a guest of the hotel, arranging a day pass to the spa is easy- you just email lespa@mamounia.com, and can either specify which treatment you’d like in your email or inquire about their suggestions for the day/time of your visit. 


The pass I bought included a hammam treatment and access to the spa facilities (indoor and outdoor pools, jacuzzi and gym).


You can’t visit Marrakesh without getting a hammam treatment.

Hammam treatment starts with a relaxing moment in a steam room, then the famous Moroccan black soap is applied all over the body to prepare the skin for an exfoliating scrub. After showering the soap off, a mineral clay wrap was applied all over. And, to finish, the treatment was followed by a deeply calming massage with argan oil. Absolute heaven.


Post spa, I headed to the gardens in the back of the hotel to wander for a bit- they’re immaculate. I didn’t eat or drink at La Mamounia because I wanted to get back to the city, but there’s a beautiful patio lounge and swanky Le Churchill bar, both known for their great dishes and cocktails.


Was my afternoon at La Mamounia? Absolutely. It was a great way to take a break from the chaos of the medina and experience a different aspect of Moroccan culture.


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