A Charming Day in Bremen, Germany

Known as one of Germany’s most charming cities (actually its own state), Bremen is a perfect day trip from Hamburg.

A quick 55 minute high speed train ride from Hamburg through the German countryside brings you to the smaller, picturesque city of Bremen.

Even though I was only in Hamburg for a weekend, I knew I couldn’t miss seeing Bremen and decided to head out there for a Sunday afternoon after a leisurely morning in Hamburg.


First stop upon arrival?

The cute nautical themed cafe, Harbour Cafe. I grabbed a flat white to-go, popped into nearby HAY, a modern furniture store to browse, and then continued my walk to the historic heart of Bremen.

IMG_6135 IMG_6139 IMG_6143 IMG_6145

The Schnoor (Schnorrvieterl) is one of the cutest old towns I’ve ever seen- cobblestone streets, colourful buildings and lovely cafes. A working class district since the Middle Ages, the Schnoor is full of little nooks and crannies.

IMG_6161 IMG_6169 IMG_6157 IMG_6190 IMG_6185

I spent a good amount of time meandering up and down the Schnoor’s side streets before popping into Cafe Tolke for a snack- apfelstrudel with vanilla ice cream and an Irish coffee. It was a cold day when I visited Bremen, so this cafe felt like heaven- candlelight, snuggly warm couches and great cakes.

IMG_6228 IMG_6210

Ready to venture back outside, I set off in search of the Böttcherstrasse. Opposite Town Hall, you’ll find the golden sign for entry into Böttcherstrasse, a small district of shops, museums and cafes.  More so than any of the particular shops, I loved the brick facades.

IMG_6240 IMG_6245 IMG_6251 IMG_6260

Next, I wandered over to the the heart of Bremen, the Marktplatz, home to the Rathaus (Town Hall).

IMG_6287 IMG_6279 IMG_6276

Adjacent to the Rathaus, you’ll find St. Peter’s Cathedral, a Gothic style church dating back more than 1,200 years. The cathedral is free to enter, and definitely worth stopping in. I love seeing churches in Europe- they’re all so grand, but distinct from each other in beautiful ways.

IMG_6290 IMG_6312 IMG_6315 IMG_6304

With an hour and a half before my train back to Hamburg, and the train station only being a ~10-15 minute walk from the Marktplatz, I decided to pass time by trying German Wines in Ratskeller.

Situated in the basement of the Town Hall, the infamous wine cellar is home to one of the largest collections of vintage German wines. Over the course of an hour, I tasted a few wines and enjoyed some local cheeses.

IMG_6337 IMG_6340

Before I knew it, it was time for me to head back to Hamburg. Leaving Ratskeller, I was excited and surprised to see the city blanketed in snow- it ended up continuing to snow throughout the rest of my time in Hamburg, which felt like such a treat after becoming accustomed to never seeing snow in London

Although my time in Bremen was short, it was just long enough to get a feel for the city.


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