10 Photos to Inspire a Trip to Japan

Last spring, I spent a week in Japan, exploring Tokyo and Kyoto.

Tokyo. Hustle and bustle, quirky shops, an abundance of cute toys and things, and seafood and ramen at every turn. The city is massive- a sprawling metropolis. For as large as it is though, there’s an orderliness to it that I’ve never experienced elsewhere. Streets are clean, sidewalks kept immaculate and everyone is polite.

Kyoto. A place where everything seems picture perfect. Japan’s former capital may be much smaller and quieter than Kyoto, but many of the historical attractions have thankfully been preserved, making it a truly enchanting place to visit.

One week wasn’t nearly enough time in Japan, and I’m looking forward to returning one day and see more of the country. Hopefully, these pictures inspire you to plan a trip of your own. I visited late spring, and had great weather, but have also heard fall is an ideal time to visit both Tokyo and Kyoto.


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