Travel Crush: Finland

If you know how much I love all things Scandinavian, then you’ll likely be surprised to learn Finland wasn’t closer to the top of my travel list.

Instead, I’ve focused on making my way to Iceland, Denmark and Sweden, with a weekend in Norway likely in the works for later this year.

I can’t pinpoint why Finland wasn’t higher on my list- it just wasn’t.

Until I saw photos from a friend’s recent trip to Helsinki and Lapland.


My friend spent a few days in Helsinki and then traveled north to Lapland to stay in a glass igloo with hopes of seeing the northern lights. Not only were her photos incredible, but her snaps looked like they were having so much fun in Finland- going to spas, hunting for the northern lights, soaking in the architectural gems, sled riding, and so on.


Since then, I’ve done a bit of digging, trying to figure out the best time to visit the remaining Nordic country on my list.


In the warmer months, I think I’d like to do a trip to Tallinn, Estonia and then take the ferry to Helsinki to experience the city’s famed midnight sun. And, next February/March, I’m already thinking about a trip to Helsinki and Lapland in hopes of seeing the northern lights.


The more I read about Finland, the more convinced I become that I’ll love it.


Minimalist nordic design. Quirky adventures. Dark, dismal winters, but brilliant summers with midnight sun. The dazzling Northern lights. Renowned art and cultural festivals. Home to Santa Claus and his reindeer. And, consistently ranked among the world’s best places to live.

Ready to book my tickets. 🙂

Photo credit: Glass Igloos // Reindeer // Helsinki Shots



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