#Take12Trips 2018

#Take12Trips: April + May

Remember that time I wrote a monthly recap for March before the month was even over because I was so ahead on posts?

No denying that’s no longer the case. With an April where I was traveling outside the country or to different parts of England every weekend, and a May that saw similar levels of activity, I fell behind on post writing.

Both months were wonderful though- busy, but great. As for the rest of the year, I’m hitting reset on my plans to try and work a few more weekend getaways into my late summer and fall. I haven’t started booking travel yet, which is why so many months below are TBD for now.

Up next in June? A weekend in Edinburgh to see the friends from the States I drove around Ireland with. I left them in Galway, but they’re continuing the trip through Northern Ireland and Scotland for another week before ending in Edinburgh. Excited to see Scotland in the summertime ūüôā

Favourite Moments from Both Months






The Netherlands




IMG_2339 IMG_2373 IMG_2454 IMG_2508

7 Sisters County Park 

IMG_2601 IMG_2667 IMG_2676 IMG_2679

The Cotswolds

ACS_0253 ACS_0255 IMG_3237 ACS_0259

Vilnius, Lithuania

ACS_0275 ACS_0282 ACS_0288 ACS_0289


ACS_0310 ACS_0313 ACS_0335 ACS_0328 ACS_0318

Here’s what I’m thinking so far for #Take12Trips 2018:

  • January:¬†Weekend in Marrakesh, Morocco
  • February:¬†Weekend in Hamburg, Germany
  • March: Weekend in Riga, Latvia; day trip to Whitstable; long weekend in Norway (Bergen & Stavanger)
  • April:¬†Weekend trips to Amsterdam to see tulips, and to Krakow, Poland
  • May:¬†Day trips to Hastings, 7 Sisters County Park and the Cotswolds; weekend in Vilnius, Lithuania; and a road trip around Ireland at month end
  • June:¬†Weekend in Edinburgh
  • July: TBD
  • August:¬†Weekend in Dublin mid-month for the Rock ‚Äėn Roll half and considering adding a few days in Belfast onto that trip.
  • September:¬†TBD
  • October:¬†Oxford for a race, and Indiana in the States mid-month for a wedding
  • November:¬†TBD
  • December:¬†TBD

How about you? Are you planning any trips this year that you’re excited about?

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