Summertime in Edinburgh

Edinburgh, a gorgeous city, full of history and charm. My first visit to this beautiful city was in January, and despite the blustery cold, it was love at first sight for me in the Scottish capital.

With cobbled streets, medieval stone buildings, pubs tucked below street level on every other corner, and some seriously good cocktail bars, you’re pretty much guaranteed a good time.

And, although that trip was the perfect introduction to Edinburgh, I left eager to return and explore parts of the city I didn’t have time for.

When friends visiting from the States told me they’d be in Edinburgh for a weekend in June, I knew I had to fly up to see them, and experience the city in summer.

It was a weekend worthy of all of the heart eyes- blue skies and sunshine, lush greenery, an afternoon rain shower and a setting sun that lingered in the sky well beyond 10 pm. Perfect mix of exploring new bits of town, and re-visiting a few of my favourite places with the company lovely people. The city was buzzing with visitors, alive with energy from music festivals and events, but somehow didn’t seem too crowded.

I had such a good time, I’m considering heading to Glasgow and Oban for a long weekend in mid-July so I can experience more of summertime in Scotland.

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Have you ever been to Edinburgh or Scotland? 

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