5 of My Favourite Things to do in Dublin

Dublin, a city I’ve spent relatively little time in, but love a bit more with each visit.

My first time in Dublin was a whirlwind day trip when my sister visited last summer. With less than a full day in the city, we checked out what most visitors would consider to be the key highlights.

On a recent one day return at the start of a road trip around the Irish countryside, I checked a few more Dublin activities off my ‘to-do’ list. And, with a race in Dublin coming up in August, it looks like I’ll be returning to the capital of the Emerald Isle for another day or two this summer.

Dublin is one of those cities that’s perfect for a day trip or weekend break. As Ireland’s capital, it’s a town filled with culture, beauty and history. Even though it’s quite big, I’ve had no problem getting around by foot or hopping on a local bus.


5 of My Favourite Activities to do in Dublin

Sample Irish Whiskies: Although I’m preferential to Japanese whisky and scotch, Irish whisky is growing on me. Sure, you can drink whisky at just about any pub in Dublin, but Bowes Bar is famed for having over 225+ whiskies on their roster. Trust me, I’ve been- the place is literal heaven.


During my latest visit, I also toured the Teeling Distillery. Learning about the history of Irish whisky, touring their working distillery, and sampling three of their varieties was an excellent way to spend an hour. Teeling’s is also Dublin’s first city-centre distillery in over 125 years- Jameson’s distillery isn’t operational.


And, no trip to Dublin is complete without an Irish coffee. Teeling’s distillery has a great one at their cocktail bar, and we loved the ones from Temple Bar, albeit a tad touristy.


Visit Trinity College, and the Book of Kells: A must-see on our first visit, Trinity College is beautiful. On a return trip, I’d love to do a walking tour of the campus. A main attraction at Trinity College, many visitors head there to see the Book of Kells and Old Library. When we got to the library, the line to get inside was massive. A quick Google search showed we could order digital tickets and skip the line, so we did just that.

The main attraction here is the Book of Kells, a 9th century gospel manuscript. And while it was incredible to see the book, I came to meander the Old Library, preserved from the 18th century. It’s absoluetly incredible.


Listen to Live Music & Drink Guinness (or a local stout): Both of these activities are practically mandatory when in Ireland. Not much of a beer drinker normally, even I can’t deny how great Guinness is when poured on draft in Ireland. And, live music at pubs in Dublin is always a good time- whether traditional or covers of classic rock.


Wander the Streets: One of my favourite parts of visiting Dublin is wandering streets at leisure, popping in and out of shops, admiring pubs with overflowing hanging flower baskets, and listening to live music in the alleyways. The Temple Bar neighbourhood and downtown area are easy to walk, even if you’re short on time.


Visit Cathedrals: In a country with as much history as Ireland, visiting places of religious worship is always interesting to me. On a recent trip, I toured St. Patrick’s Cathedral- absoluetly stunning. And in August, I’m hoping to make it to Christ Church.


Have you ever been to Dublin? In August, I’m hoping to make it outside of the city to check out a nearby coastal town of Dalkey.


What are your favourite things to do and see in Dublin?

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