20 Photos to Inspire a Trip to the Breathtaking Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, idyllic, quaint, rustic, and perched on a rugged part of the Italian coast. Five UNESCO protected villages: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore overlooking the pristine Mediterranean Sea- they’re the kind of places you have to see to believe.

Long on my list of places to visit, it wasn’t until I started planning a weekend trip to Tuscany (flying in/out of Pisa from London) that I first Google’d ‘Can you see Cinque Terre in one day?

The short answer is: yes. You can see Cinque Terre in one day, albeit a busy day. It’s unquestionably worth it though, in my opinion.

As you’re exploring Cinque Terre, you’re likely to find yourself wondering, how photogenic can one place be?

A collection of five villages, ‘Cinque Terre’ literally translates to ‘five lands’. It’s a wonderful place for hiking, eating, drinking and relaxing along the coast. My only complaint is the volume of visitors- so many people crowding into quaint villages (and I visited near the off-season in late September/early October). But, I’ve heard Cinque Terre is going to introduce a new ticket/fee system to help limit tourist numbers, which I’m pleased to hear. I’m grateful I got to visit Cinque Terre, but not if my visit comes at the cost of thousands of others visiting and these villages losing their magic.

If you’ve never been, but are thinking about a trip, hopefully some of my favourite shots from the day inspire you to plan a visit.


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Have you ever been to Cinque Terre? Which village was your favourite to visit? 

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  1. Dear Nicole, this post represents well the spirit of Cinque Terre 🙂 I was there 2 years ago and also had the chance to visit all the different villages and end the day with a lovely sunset 🙂 perfect!! have a great week, PedroL

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