8 Places at the Top of My Europe Bucket List

With so much to see and do in Europe, it’s hard to decide where to go on weekends away. There are so many places to be visited and experiences to be had.

At the top of my ‘one day’ visit list?

8 Places at the Top of My Europe Bucket List

The Faroe Islands

I feel the same way about the Faroe Islands as I did about Iceland a few years ago. Located in the north Atlantic, the 18 islands are what you could call a road less traveled. With a population of less than 50,000 people, the islands aren’t densely populated and there are no where near as many tourists as other locales. I’m daydreaming hard about a long weekend trip here in late summer- envisioning driving around this beautiful country, stopping for hikes along the way and exploring the little villages that dot the islands.


St. Petersburg + Moscow

Epic museums, beautiful art galleries and seemingly endless religious sites. St. Petersburg in particular is near the very top of my list, especially since cruising to the ‘City of the Czars’ from Helsinki allows visa free entry.



The volcanic island of Santorini in southern Greece never fails to wow travellers, often hailed as one of the most romanic places in the world to visit. I’m weary of the hoards of tourists, but can’t imagine missing out on the views of sunset I’ve seen photographed from the island. White washed buildings, cobbled alleyways and a rich blue sea? Searching flights now.


The Almafi Coast

After being awed by Cinque Terre, the Almafi Coast moved its way up my list of places to prioritise visiting. Curving roads with breathtaking vistas, cliffs above and brightly coloured striped beach umbrellas below? Yes, please.


Scotland, The Highlands and Isle of Skye

Peruse photos of Skye and if you’re like me, you’ll be left questioning whether the landscape is photoshopped. It’s otherworldly. One of the only places left untouched by humans in the UK, it looks like something straight out of a fantasy novel.


Kotor, Montenegro

Boasting views for days, the town of Kotor is situated between soaring mountains and coastal waters. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the old town reminds visitors of a maze- winding, narrow streets flanked by stone buildings.


Lapland, Finland

I fell in love with Helsinki during my first visit to Finland on a level that stretched far deeper than the city itself. Finnish culture fascinates me, and I’ve been plotting a return visit to the country since I left. After a winter getaway to the arctic circle in Norway, I started thinking about making my return to Finland during winter- another chance to see the dazzling Northern Lights and visit the acclaimed home of Santa Claus? Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.


San Sebastian, Spain

Everyone I know who has been to San Sebastian routinely tells me how much I’ll love it. Already a huge fan of Spain, I’ve heard San Sebastian is incredible, not just for the views but also because it’s known for having the best food in Europe. With more Michelin-stars per square metre, I’m already drooling browsing flights.


Where are you dreaming of visiting in Europe or elsewhere this year?

Photo Credits: Faroe Islands // St. Petersburg // Santorini // Almafi Coast // Scotland // Montenegro // Lapland // San Sebastian

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  1. Definitely worthwhile places to visit! Kotor was a short trip, but stunning all the same: the hike up the fort offers excellent views of the bay. Likewise, I hope to visit San Sebastian (and other parts of Northern Spain) sometime this year– heard good things about it!

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