A Relaxing Evening Seaside in Nerja, Spain


Once a sleepy fishing village, Nerja is one of the few places to have kept it’s traditional charm- think cobbled alleyways, whitewashed houses and spectacular seaside views.

On a road trip through Southern Spain, we needed a place to stay after spending a morning in Malaga and afternoon in Frigiliana. When I heard of Nerja and started looking at photos, I knew I’d found the perfect evening retreat.


Despite strong competition from other cities in Spain, Nerja has remained one of the most visited destinations on the Costa del Sol. Its name can be traced back to the word, ‘narixa’, an Arabic term which translates to bountiful spring. The name suits Nerja, an abundance of water gives the town a tropical feeling.


Albeit I only had an evening in Nerja, I’d revisit in a heartbeat. Besides boasting some of the best beaches on the Costa del Sol (Burriana and El Playazo are two favourites), there’s also cave hiking, visits to nearby villages and sea activities to be enjoyed.

During my time, I relaxed on the Balcón de Europa, a viewpoint offering spectacular views of Nerja and wandered the historic centre. Many of the streets are been pedestrianised, making for an easy going stroll. 

We watched the sun set from Cocharan’s and then walked through the pretty Plaza de Espana in search of dinner. Not feeling well due to a sinus infection and in the mood for something simple, I settled on pizza at Pizzeria Bella Roma. Surprisingly good Italian for Southern Spain- the pizza had a thin, crispy crust.


Post dinner, we headed back to our hotel to call it an early evening. We needed to be on the road by 7 am the next day to reach the Alhambra in Granada.

Waking early to start our trip, we meandered to the Balcón de Europa (right outside our hotel) to see if the sun had started to rise. We couldn’t believe what awaited us- the sun hadn’t risen over the horizon yet, but its rays cast a warm glow across the water, surrounding mountains and reflected off the palm leaves. Shades of pink, orange and yellow cast against the fading night sky- it was beyond beautiful. 


Have you ever visited Andalusia? Would you stop in Nerja to enjoy the beach and other activities? 

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