Is Norway Underrepresented in Europe’s Most Beautiful Places to Visit?


Norway, always a country I’d heard of and knew to be associated with breathtaking hikes, serene fjords and jaw dropping mountain terrain.

Also a place though, despite my understanding of its beauty, I didn’t seriously consider planning a trip to until I moved to Europe.


More often than not, if travellers are contemplating a visit to Norway, they know it as a country with indescribable natural beauty, and for being one of the most expensive places in the world.

If travellers have heard of Norway but aren’t actively considering a visit, it’s likely because, as beautiful as Norway is, it’s not on the ‘must see in Europe’ beaten path. Presumably a result of both the country’s location (further north on the continent) and assumed prohibitive cost that comes with Scandinavia.


Whatever the reason, if you ask the average person off the street which country in Europe they think is the most beautiful, or even known for having incredible natural beauty, chances are you’ll hear Switzerland, Italy, perhaps Spain or France, and even Austria or Scotland.

In my experience, Norway doesn’t usually even crack the top five for most travellers.

But it should. It should be in the top three, even. From visiting Norway twice, I know it as a place that’s able to compete with the best of them on natural beauty- even Switzerland. Say nothing for the fact it’s an excellent country to visit year round, teeming with chic Scandi vibes, and boasts fresh seafood and craft brews.

I’ve penned guides for all parts of Norway I’ve visited- Bergen, Stavanger, and Tromso, as well as my tips for saving money while travelling this incredible slice of Scandinavia.

Yes, Norway is expensive.

The fact that it’s expensive though is no reason not to visit. With a few of my tips and a bit of planning, you can enjoy a holiday in Norway at the cost of only slightly more than if you’d spent the time in another major European city- think Paris, London, Amsterdam.

And PS., I found Norway to be more affordable than Switzerland, where I once paid £8 for a venti cold brew at a Starbucks in Geneva.

Still need inspiration?

Just looking at some of the photos I took in each place I’ve visited in Norway has me Googling flight connections to Oslo and Alesund (two places on my ‘return to Scandinavia list’).

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Have you ever visited Norway? Do you agree it’s one of Europe’s most underrated countries? What advice would you give someone on why to visit Norway? 

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