Three Places to Find Excellent Coffee in Kuala Lumpar


When the cold brew in a city is so good, it has you envisioning trips back to drink more of it, you know it’s good.

Before visiting Kuala Lumpar, capital of Malaysia, I knew it was a melting pot of culture with a vibrant mix of Malay, Indian, Thai and Chinese. I’d heard the food was fantastic, knew there’d be no shortage of things to do. 

When mapping out my trip to SE Asia, I envisioned my first time in Malaysia being a few weeks long- time to visit KL, the Cameron Highlands and possibly the coast.

In actuality, my first jaunt was 48 hours in KL. When I needed to adjust travel plans, I decided to hit Malaysia on my way to Thailand to get a quick intro to the country in case I didn’t have time to make my way through later in my trip.

Exhausted after spending a few days road tripping around southern Spain and a whirlwind day in Singapore, I arrived in Malaysia tired, but also excited to see the city.

All of the praise hands for the incredible coffee I found during my two days in the city. Without it, I’m not sure I would of had the energy to see and do so much.

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Many of the cafes in KL are “kopitiam” meaning coffee shops, which serve local dishes, and hot and cold beverages like Teh Tarik, coffee, and juices.

I couldn’t believe how great the cold brew was at every cafe I visited- some were even dedicated to perfecting cold brew.

The coffee scene was so good, I’m considering another quick trip to KL with the intent of re-visiting some of my favourite spots.

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Don’t miss these spots for the best places for coffee in Kuala Lumpar:

VCR: Tucked away on a side street, this is a local hangout, as well as frequented by visitors to KL who have the inside scoop. The cold brew is excellent, and brunch menu delicious. With strong aircon and chill vibes, I spent the better part of a morning here, reading and recovering from the heat.

Merchant’s Lane: It’s hard to believe this trendy cafe atop a newstand was once considered a coffee speakeasy- meaning, undiscovered. When I popped in for a to-go coffee on my way to brunch elsewhere, it was hopping.

PULP by Papa Palheta: If there ever was a heaven for cold brew lovers, I imagine it’d look like this. Different varieties of cold brew, each equally excellent. An open design and different coffee tasting stations help ensure you select a brew that’s best for you. And, they offer alternatives to milk if you avoid dairy. This place, in particular, is strong motivation for me making a return to KL.

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Bonus recos!

Breakfast Thieves, in the same building complex as PULP is serving up some good brew too. They’re more known for their breakfast eats, but their coffee doesn’t disappoint. Need brunch plans? Stop by PULP for your caffeine fix, then pop over here for delicious bites.

Feeka Coffee Roasters: Located near some of KL’s best street art, this cute cafe with a cosy garden is the perfect place to cool off from wandering. 

Lim Kee Cafe: A must visit in KL, ace for cake and coffee-mid afternoon if you’re near Chinatown.

Urban Daybreak: This place came highly recommended for brunch, but we weren’t overly impressed. However, the lattes were great, and with free WiFi, it seems like it’d be a great place to work from for a few hours as well.

Have you been to KL? Are there any coffee shops you’d add to this list? 

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