The Best Places to Watch the Sun Set in Koh Tao, Thailand


Planning two weeks in the Thai islands, the only thing I was set on was catching as many sunsets as I could.

I’d long heard tale of Koh Tao’s ‘sky on fire’ sunsets- when the entire sky is awash in a pink, orange and red glow- casting the final light of the day over the sea, sand, bobbing longtails, swaying palm trees and island mountains.

I gave myself two nights in Koh Tao, hoping I’d see an epic sunset at least one of those nights.

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Being a small tropical island, there’s no shortage of places to watch the sun set.

In fact, I even decided to stay in Sairee beach because it faces west. Read: It’s an ideal location to watch the sun set.

Staying in Sairee beach, I needed sunset spots I could walk to. Grab doesn’t exist on the island, and I didn’t plan on renting a motorbike.

Sure, I could’ve just walked down to the beach to watch, but I always enjoy when a sunset comes with a coconut to sip, or refreshing drink and comfy lounge chair.

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Three Places to Watch Sunset in Koh Tao 

Fizz at Sairee Beach: With dozens of bean bags perched beach front, a solid happy hour special and good food, it’s easy to see why people flock to this place each evening. I spent my first sunset at Fizz, sipping mint lemonades and munching spring rolls.

Low hanging clouds most of the sunset, but it was still a beautiful experience. I’d come 30-60 minutes before the sun starts to set if you want guaranteed spots on bags. Official time of sunset when I visited was 6:30 pm, and most people arrived between 5:45-6:15 pm.

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Blue Water Cafe at Sairee Beach 

Nursing a bad sunburn, I decided to watch the sunset from this cute beachfront cafe across from my hotel. When I turned up an hour before sunset, I was delighted to find a live band soothing everyone into a chill mood.

Couldn’t have picked a better place or spot to watch the sun set- on this particular evening, I was lucky enough to experience one of Koh Tao’s legendary ‘sky on fire’ moments. Moments after the sun sank out of view, I gasped- the sky was suddenly illuminated in the most gorgeous shades of pink, orange and purple. Having a front row view of the blazing sky, music lingering in the background, and a cold coconut to drink felt like the ultimate blessing.

I was digging the vibe so much, I ended up staying for dinner and ordering a falafel salad, which was excellent. The cafe is pretty upmarket, with prices to match, but delightful for a calming night out in Koh Tao.

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Mango Viewpoint 

I didn’t make it here during my stay, I’d planned on hiking after a day on the sea, but got way too sunburnt to make that plan a reality. However, I’ve seen plenty of photos and Alex from Alex in Wanderland , who lived in Koh Tao for a few years, has written an extensive guide outlining how to get to the two hiking viewpoints. She and many others recommend going for sun set since the view faces west.

Can’t imagine anything more refreshing than working up a sweat hiking, only to sip a coconut while watching the sun sink behind the horizon from high above.

Hiking Mango Bay Viewpoint Koh TaoHiking Mango Bay Viewpoint Koh TaoHiking Mango Bay Viewpoint Koh Tao

*Above three photos of Mango Viewpoint from Alex’s blog post 

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Have you ever visited Thailand or Koh Tao? Were you lucky enough to watch a few sunsets during your time there? Do you have any tips for spots to watch the sunset in Koh Tao? 

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