Four Cute Cafes in Siem Reap that Support the Community


I didn’t have many expectations for Cambodia.

I knew it wouldn’t be as developed as Thailand, but with three days in Siem Reap, that didn’t matter to me. I was heading to Cambodia with one thing to see: Angkor Wat.

I’d planned on spending two days at Angkor Wat of the three I was in Siem Reap. I considered extending my stay to visit the Kulen Mountains, Thousand Lingas River and floating village at Tonie Sap Lake, but visiting in the midst of the dry season meant everything was, indeed, dried out.

Instead, I decided to see more of Siem Reap and relax in my hotel after a hectic month spent traversing Thailand.

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I didn’t know much about Siem Reap, the city, before visiting. I’d heard there was a street popular with backpackers (Pub Street) with flowing drinks on offer, and knew there were a few good night markets to check out. But, that was about it, initially.

Doing a bit of research, I learned there was a growing digital nomad scene in Siem Reap. I care about that scene because it usually means decent wifi, good cafes and interesting places to visit.

Sure enough, I found no shortage of great cafes in Siem Reap- many of which are local owned, or employ and donate a percentage of their funds to the Khmer people.

At the end of my three days in Siem Reap, I found myself wishing I could stay a bit longer. I’d developed a routine of sorts- sightsee in the morning and then spend the hottest part of the day- afternoon- working from one of the city’s air-conditioned cafes.

And in the evenings, I hit up the city’s night markets and then went back to my hotel for a late night swim.

It was easily a schedule I could have continued for a few more days.

Although, when I think about where the next few months may take me, I don’t see Cambodia on that list.

During my visit, I’d expected basic-decent wifi but was met with city-wide, daily power blackouts that would last anywhere from 6-10+ hours. Working from the road on generator power and backup WiFi is far from the ideal daily routine.

That said, if you’re visiting Siem Reap to see Siem Reap, you’ll be just fine. And if that’s the case, these are my recommendations for can’t miss cafes, many of which serve incredible eats.

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Four Cafes in Siem Reap to Check Out on Your Visit

New Leaf Cafe: If you only visit one cafe on this list, make it this one.

Their food is excellent, I’d actually recommend visiting for lunch or dinner. And, their teas and smoothies are great as well.

The Khmer curry and Khmer noodle soup were especially delicious- flavourful and affordable.

The biggest reason I loved this airy, calm cafe?

They donate 30% of profits to Cambodian education programs, and 20% of profits to their locally hired employees (on top of their working wages).

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Little Red Fox Cafe: My favourite spot for working, with two stories, strong wifi and air con. The menu boasts an interesting combination of Western-inspired dishes with Khmer flair.

Little Red Fox was my go-to for breakfast/early lunches.

Big fan of their vegetable-packed omelets, beautiful salads, and smoothie bowls with local fruits- the mango coconut one was perfection.

Also enjoyed sipping on their lemongrass teas and lattes. I wasn’t drinking coffee while in Siem Reap, but Little Red Fox is regarded as the best coffee shop in the city by many visitors.

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Crane Cafe: With lush plants lining the entrance, it was love at first sight with Crane cafe for me.

I enjoyed this cafe’s smoothies (the avocado, guava, pineapple, coconut one is extra delish), but they’ve also got a solid coffee line-up, and a few light eats on the menu.

As an added bonus, this cafe sells homewares made by Khmer people, which helps support the community.

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The Hive: I only visited this cafe once, to grab an iced tea while strolling around in the Cambodian heat, but liked what I saw on the menu for food and drinks- think lots of fresh juices and healthy eats.

It’s near Little Red Fox and Crane, so easy to check out if you’re in that area of Siem Reap.

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Have you ever visited Siem Reap? Did you discover any cafes in Siem Reap you’d recommend to someone visiting for the first time? 

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