8 Cafes for Ace Coffee in Taipei


Finding the cutest cafes and best cold brew in any place I visit?
On brand.

Taipei was no exception.
Although I only had a week in the city, and unquestionably, drank way more bubble tea than coffee while there, I also managed to fit in plenty of visits to great coffee shops.

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Before visiting Taipei, I was curious what the coffee situation would be like. I’d heard many people draw comparisons between Taipei and Japan. And while I loved Tokyo and Kyoto, when I visited both two years prior, I’d had a tough time finding third wave coffee- it seemed to be a concept that was just starting to take off.

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I needn’t have worried though, Taipei was full of excellent cafes. There were so many great places, I only made it to a small fraction of what the city has to offer.

If you’re visiting Taipei and find yourself in need of a caffeine pick-me up, you can’t go wrong at these places.

Eight of the Best Spots for Coffee in Taipei

Cafe N: My first official stop in Taipei didn’t disappoint. Stumbling in here immediately after I dropped my luggage post-early morning flight, I asked for an iced coffee.

What I got in return may have been small in size, but sure packed a serious punch. Strong and smooth, it was exactly what I needed to recharge for a bit of wandering.

Impct Coffee: Taipei is home to the cutest walk up cafes. This rainbow one caught my eye from across the street, and of course, I had to meander over to see what kind of coffee they had.

If you’re looking for a literal latte on the go, Impct’s got you covered. There are a few window benches inside, but it’s not the kind of place most people linger.

Cuiqu Co: Looking for a cafe with lots of seating and good wifi to work for a bit (waiting to check into my Airbnb), I found Cuiqu. Boasting communal work tables and a lively vibe, it was the perfect place to pass a few hours catching up on life admin work.

First order of business: Assessing the cold brew situation. Delighted to find two kinds of cold brew, plus lots of other coffee drinks, teas and smoothies. The dessert menu also looked killer. In the end, I went with a Hawaii Volcano Hula Pie cold brew, which was incredible. Slightly sweet (even with no added sugar), but by no means saccharine. My only regret: Not making it back here for another one.

Paper Street Coffee: Hearing this place was a hipster haven for cold brew and artisanal coffee, I sought out this cafe, tucked underneath an overpass one afternoon, in need of an energy boost. Despite a few people milling about, Paper Street felt calm and quiet.

A good place to come for a low conversation, or if you’re the kind of person (like me) who likes to drink cold brew and read a book. There’s not wifi, but if you ask nicely, the owners may let you use their personal network.

Fomo: My first thought upon entering, is this Brooklyn or Taipei? A stark white interior with crisp black details could easily pass for any third wave coffee shop in New York City.

Fortunately, the coffee lived up to the hype as well. The cold brew I had here was flat out excellent. Crisp, slightly bitter and refreshing.

Congrats Cafe: Eclectic would be the word I’d use to describe Congrats. Colorful and filled with a mix of modern and antiques, it’s a cool place to hang out.

Overlooking one of Taipei’s busiest roads, sitting on the upstairs balcony still feels calming. Here, I ordered a pot of oolong tea and watched rush hour traffic whizz past.

Tamed Fox: Hailed as one of the best brunch spots in Taipei, Tamed Fox didn’t disappoint. The food was good, but the coffee was even more impressive. Cold brew infused with blueberries? Yes, pls and thank you.

The decor of this place was also right up my alley- bright neutrals, tons of plants, and a fur baby running around with a stuffed animal almost as big as she was. Into it would be an understatement.

Louisa Coffee: With locations all over the city, think Starbucks but make it Taiwanese, Louisa is an excellent place for lively catch-ups with friends, working (strong wifi), or just sipping one of their many coffee and tea drinks. There was a location underneath the Airbnb I stayed in, which I quickly became a regular at to work.

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Bonus recommendation: Coffee and Couple in Shilin- Just outside of Taipei’s city centre, Coffee and Couple oozes cool. Downstairs, you’ll find the coffee bar shourd in neon decor. And upstairs, air conditioning for anyone looking to escape the heat.

If you’re heading to the Shilin night market and tried from a day of exploring, pop in here for either a sugar rush (they have great doughnuts) or a cuppa before you hit the market.

Have you ever visited Taipei? Did you pop into any cafes while you were there?  Would you add any spots to this list of the best spots for coffee in Taipei?

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