5 Spas in Bali I Loved Enough to Return Time after Time


No trip to SE Asia is complete without a trip to the spa in whichever country you’re visiting.

Every destination I’ve visited in SE Asia has boasted affordable, wonderful massages and spa services.

And, really, experiencing a country’s specific massage technique counts as an activity in my book. It’s helping you gain a bit more perspective into the destination, and customs.

While in Bali, I felt like I was living in an ultimate state of bliss.

How could I not?
Surrounded by lush jungle or swaying rice fields, with a vibrant nomad community, as well as an endless array of healthy food, and outstanding yoga and sound healing classes, it was quite literally all the components I need for my best life.

And so, to complete utter perfection, I budgeted a weekly massage while living in Bali. Some weeks, I skipped it to save up for a flower bath, another one of my favourite Bali indulgences.

The spa scene in Bali is seemingly endless, and so, even if I’d tried- I wouldn’t have been able to scratch the surface. Instead, I focused on finding a few good stand-bys, and then frequented those places like I lived there.

These five spots are a mix- three are places I returned week after week, and two are spots where I went for ‘treat yo self’ flower baths and massages, and enjoyed my experience so immensely, I’d return without thinking twice.

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A Guide to Spas in Bali: 5 Spas I Loved Enough to Return Time after Time

As mentioned, there are loads of spas in Bali, ones that I didn’t even consider trying in Seminyak, Sideman, Munduk, or Kuta simply because I didn’t spend much time in those areas.


Kaveri Spa at The Udaya 

Bali hospitality is so over the top, it should surprise no one that spas began to design flower baths.

Because the bath experience wasn’t beautiful enough, there’s a need to create intricate patterns?

I can’t hate too much, 1) because I love beautiful aesthetics, and 2) I definitely booked an experience after seeing it pop up on my Instagram so many times.

What I appreciate about Kaveri, unlike a lot of spas in Bali, is that you can book a flower bath as a separate experience to a massage, or combined in a package.

And, even better, Kaveri is what I’d consider to be one of Ubud’s most luxurious spots, so you know the facility and environment are going to deliver.

When I visited, I had a 30 minute stress-relief massage first, took a quick shower, and then hopped in my flower bath for 45 minutes. At the end of the bath, I had 15 minutes to shower and decompress.

If memory serves correctly, I believe the treatment all-in was near ~$50-60, with the flower bath costing ~$30.

Afterwards, hot tea was served in the lobby.

I prefer Karsa (see below) to Kaveri for cost of treatment, but also all-around better experience, but that’s not to say Kaveri isn’t great.

Karsa just felt more local- more of a ‘every single person and every aspect of their experience matters immensely’ vibe than Kaveri.

But, Kaveri should absolutely be on your list if you’re after a gorgeous, grammable flower bath.

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And, if you were wondering, yes you get to choose what the design of your bath is. A few days before your treatment, Kaveri will WhatsApp or email you to ask what you’d like to have designed. I sent them a few pics from Instagram, but wasn’t too specific with my request. But, if you want words or a certain aspect done in a type of flower or color, all you have to do is ask.

Zen Bali Spa 

My weekly go-to for affordable, lovely massages. This place gets bonus points for its proximity to Yoga Barn.

Easy to pop into post-yoga or sound healing class for an aromatherapy massage or full-body scrub. And, excellent value for this part of Ubud.

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Karsa Spa

Saving the best of Ubud for last, Karsa was my favourite, spa in Ubud. If I’d discovered sooner than the week before I left, I would have gone multiple times.

A 25-35 minute walk from downtown, or quick drive through rice fields, part of what makes Karsa so great is that it’s a bit removed.

Treatments are mega-affordable and luxurious- it’s almost unbelievable they’re priced at what they are.

For ~$22 USD, I had an hour long Balinese massage, followed by a 30 minute flower bath and 15 minutes to shower. You’ll have your own villa, too, so it’s the ultimate in privacy.

The entire experience was just incredible.
The spa is next to a rice field, and has some of the most beautiful gardens I saw in Ubud. Everything about the spa environment and your villa is meant to relax and soothe.

When you arrive, you’ll choose an oil for the massage and be offered a cool drink.

Post massage, while you lounging in an aromatic flower bath, you’ll have fruit to nibble on and hot tea to sip.

It’s just a beautiful way to appreciate and celebrate yourself.

But, it seems like everyone knows about how great Karsa is, and as such, they usually book out many weeks in advance. So, if you’re planning a trip to Bali, put a reservation here at the top of your to-do list. I got lucky with a flexible schedule (living there), and a last minute cancellation.

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Chillax (two locations)

The best part about Chillax and thing that kept me coming back visit over visit?

Sheer affordability.

In a part of Canggu that’s developing more and more each day, it felt like a real blessing to find a place with such great massages.

At Chillax, if you do the aromatherapy massage, which I normally opted for, you’ll choose the oil scent you want, and then be led into a shared room sectioned off by curtains to a cloth-covered table.

Is it super private?

But, the rooms are clean, the air-con is strong enough to feel cool, and there’s usually soft music playing.

It’s great for a weekly massage, or having several treatments done (foot massage, aromatherapy, etc.).

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If Chillax was my go-to for an affordable treat, then Golddust was my semi-monthly treat for full range spa services- facials, waxing, wonderful pedicures (a rarity in SE Asia), and great massages.

It’s a bit pricer than Chillax, but still affordable, in my opinion, for this part of Bali.

And, their studio is so soothing- quiet, where everyone speaks in a whisper, barely audible over the soft music floating throughout the second floor.

If you’ve been to Bali, did you have a massage service or spa treatment you thought was especially great? What would you add to this guide to spas in Bali? 

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