8 Chill Cafes in Antigua, With Lush Gardens & Volcano Views

Antigua is easily one of Central America’s most charming destinations.

With three volcanes lingering in the distance, the colonial town’s pleasant climate attracts visitors to Guatemala year-round.

My first visit to Antigua was only a few days long, during which time we leisurely explored the city.

Purposely lacking an itinerary of sorts, we spent a good portion of our trip popping in cafe after cafe. Each one, more darling than the last.

At the end of our three day visit, we left feeling relaxed and recharged.

We may not have ‘done much’, but our explorations were the perfect pace for Antigua.

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We both really enjoyed cafe hopping, stopping in one for iced coffee and conversation, then moving to another with a garden to read. When hungry, we’d migrate to another, and somehow always found ourselves on a rooftop cafe as the afternoon wound down.

For me, a good cafe is a place where you can relax, chat, or work in a cozy, comfortable space.

Antigua’s cafes meet the mark on all three fronts.

What’s more, with no surprise, the coffee is excellent.

Coffee has long been one of Guatemala’s top exports, but only recently, the country has starting cultivating its own cafe culture.

Nowadays, destinations like Antigua are brimming with modern, hip cafes brewing locally-sourced beans.

Even if you’re not a big coffee drinker, it’s worth popping into a few of these spots.

Not only are they relaxing, but most offer a full menu, with an array of healthy smoothies or juices, and either beautiful gardens to lounge in, or incredible rooftop volcano views.

10 Cafes in Antigua to Chill Out & Relax In With Volcano Views

Fernando’s Kaffee: A coffee and chocolate shop, brews are roasted on-site. It’s a great place to pop in to either try a Guatemalan roast on the go, or spend some time, relaxing in their courtyard.

Stella: What started as a concept shop with gorgeous locally made textiles expanded into what immediately became my favourite cafe as Antigua. It’s just the cutest place with delicious smoothies, a vibrant, beautiful courtyard, and gorgeous artesian shop. What’s even better- because it’s about a 10 minute walk from the centre of town, it’s quiet in comparison to some of Antigua’s more central cafes.

Union Garden Cafe: Boasting a fair trade coffee menu and loads of health food, including some great green smoothies, and a huge, leafy garden, Union was one of our favourite spots in Antigua. It’s great whether you’re there to brunch, catch up on work, or just read in the company of lush plants.

Bella Vista Coffee: The cold brew at Bella is good, but the real reason everyone visits is for the incredible rooftop terrace with a beautiful view of the city below, and three volcanoes looming in the distance.

Café Estudio: Cue the cute cafes that just won’t quit. We loved Cafe Estudio’s laid back vibes, it’s an absolute haven for chilling out with a latte diving into a good book. 

Café La Parada: Seats may be sparse, but they’ve got a banging jar of iced coffee that can’t be missed. Come early, plan out your day over coffee and a croissant, and watch the town come alive in the cobblestone streets.

Y Tu Piña También: A quirky cafe with all-day breakfast? Say no more. We loved Y Tu’s coffee, mint lemonade, delicious breakfast sandwiches, and fun, tropical decor. 

Guatejava: Sourcing high-quality Guatemalan coffee, Guatejava is Antigua’s rustic, onsite roastery. A must stop for strong, Guatemalan brews.

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Amancer: The spot for fresh, made to order juices, smoothies and delicious smoothie bowls. We loved colourful, cute Amancer so much, we came twice during our stay in Antigua- great for breakfast or a mid-afternoon green juice pick-me-up.

Doña Luisa Xicotencatl: Another dope spot for smoothies in the heart of town. 

Have you ever traveled to Guatemala? Does Antigua’s cute, cafe culture have you inspired to visit? 

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  1. I adored Antigua! I only had a day there and only explored the Old Town, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time then. I did try coffee in Café Condesa, and it was pretty good! Coffee culture is prevalent, and I’m sure that’s perfect for coffee lovers out there!

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