The Coolest Cafes in Mexico City

Mexico City, affectionately known to locals as Ciudad de Mexico (CDMX) has come a long way in recent years.

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It’s hip.
It’s creative.
It’s food is incredible.
It’s home to beautiful, leafy parks.
It’s got more tree-lined avenues then you’d imagine.
It has perfect weather – ‘year round spring’.
It’s got tons of great museums.
And, the coffee scene is off the hook.

I may not speak fluent Spanish, but I do speak coffee.

Fortunately for me, the third wave coffee movement has taken over Mexico City with loads of artisanal cafes.

Planning a visit to Mexico City to work for a few weeks in January, I was excited for sunshine, tacos, and the chance to discover the city’s best cafes.

All said, it’s no surprise this metropolis attracts digital nomads from around the world.

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During our time in CDMX, we stayed in a cool Airbnb in Roma, one of the city’s hippest and most visitor-friendly districts. The Airbnb was part of a studio, where artists work together to collaborate, which made it an even cooler place to stay to experience a bit of local life.

Our WiFi was great, so when we ventured out for coffee, it was usually just to sit and sip in a cafe. Only a few times, we took laptops with us to work. And while I’ve got a few favourite spots for remote working, there are definitely more to uncover in the city.

A Guide to Mexico City’s Best Cafes: 10 Spots for your Caffeine Fix

Blend Station (Condesa and Roma Norte): Our favourite cafe in CDMX. We loved both locations, but if you’re looking to post up and work, Roma Norte is better- plenty of seats, plugs, good WiFi, and a menu packed with food and drinks. Did I mention every inch is covered in abstract, pastel design?

The Condesa location is cool too, we loved the giant tree inside- but better for relaxing over conversation or with a good book.

Dosis (Roma): One of the best spots to work in Roma, Dosis has blazing fast wifi, but come fully charged- there aren’t many plugs.

The mugs are huge, and booths cozy, with faux-fur throws to snuggle up to while you sip. Don’t miss the mochas, they’re amazing.

Memories of a Barista (Roma): Nearby Dosis, Memories is curbside cute. A great stop if you need a break while wandering.

Efimero Cafe (Condesa): With the weather being so great in CDMX, sidewalk cafes are where it’s at. Efimero’s adorable wicker chairs and leafy plant boxes make it a super relaxing place to sit, sip and watch the world go by.

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Cafe Negro (Coyoacán): If you’re visiting the Frida Kahlo Museum while in CDMX, which you absolutely should, Cafe Negro is a must.

It’s a beautifully designed upmarket cafe with incredible macadamia nut milk mochas.

Also, if you’re in Coyoacan, don’t miss grabbing hot chocolate from historic Cafe El Jarocho.

Cafebreria El Pendulo (Roma and Condesa): With locations across the city, Cafebreria is a real life dream. Bookstore meets cafe? Yes, please!

Drip (Condesa): Drip is the itty bitty cafe that’s ace for flat whites or drip coffee. If you’ve got time to hang, grab one of the cafe’s sidewalk seats.

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Cucurucho (Polanco): Popular with locals for a reason, the almond milk flat whites are fantastic.

There’s also a location in Roma, but if it’s anything like the one in Polanco, expect to take your coffee to go- it’s standing room only.

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Cardinal Cafe (Roma): Loved the design of this cafe, which opens fully to the sidewalk, ensuring a nice breeze. The design is rustic, world traveler, and the iced lattes are bangin’. They also exclusively roast Mexican beans, a major plus for conscious coffee consumption.

Tierra Garat (locations across the city): We loved Tierra Garat, mostly for its iced coffee drinks- many of which are a spin on Mexico’s infamous hot chocolate and horchata.

Locations also have wifi, which makes Tierra a good spot for an afternoon refreshment while getting some work done.

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Buna (Roma): Lovely for early morning sidewalk side lattes.

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Clara y Ema (Condesa): American inspired brekkie sandos? Sign me up. The egg ones are so good, we came twice.

The decor is cool with giant neon eggs flanking tables, and better yet, the wifi is solid.

Don Porfiero Cafe (Historic District): The horchata is good, but the view of Palacio de Bellas Artes is the real reason to visit this rooftop cafe on the eighth floor of the Sears building.

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Have you ever been to CDMX? Are there any cafes you’d add to this guide to Mexico City’s best cafes? 

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