Lisbon’s Best Cafes, Where to Start Mornings with Good Brew

It’s no secret I love Lisbon.

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Steep hills, colourful facades, creamy egg tarts, excellent wine, an endless array of beautiful doors, and sunshine reflecting off the water.

In so many senses, what could be better?

In only a few days, Lisbon became one of my favourite cities in Europe. Once a gateway city for explorers to discover new lands and things across the world, it’s now a vibrant coastal city. 

It’s a place I’m seriously considering living for a few months, if I ever return to the nomad life, for many reasons.

Chief among them?
The city’s cafe scene, including an ever-growing crop of co-working spots.

My first time in Lisbon, I travelled with a good friend, who much like myself, is also a coffee lover.

Hearing Lisbon was the perfect city for caffeine fiends, I was excited to do a morning walking tour of the city on our first day to discover as many coffee shops as we could and get acquainted with neighbourhoods near where we were staying in Bairro Alta.

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Bright tiled buildings, cobblestone streets, wrought-iron street lights, the sounds of the city beginning to wake up, and some seriously good brew- all the makings of a dreamy morning.

Over the course of a half day, we wandered Lisbon’s back streets in search of good brew and pastries.

5 Coffee Shops Perfect for Your Morning Coffee Fix

Copenhagen Coffee Lab: Hailed as the best third wave coffee in Lisbon, the flat whites are great and there’s a cute park next to the location on R. Nova da Piedade, ideal for sipping coffee, surrounded by greenery. It’s a Copenhagen-based coffee shop, serving up some of the best roasts from around the world.

Hello, Kristof: Immediately enamoured by its pink facade, I knew this tiny hole in the wall cafe was gonna be good. The inside is just as cute, and they roast locally- meaning, the coffee is fresh.

The Mill: Nearby Hello, Kristof, you’ll find excellent Aussie brunch (hi avo toast), and a host of delicious smoothies

Noobai Café: If you’re looking for coffee and a view, this is the place. Located at the Miradouro da Santa Catarina, you’ll be treated to stunning views of the city and waterfront at this cafe. It’s the best place to take a break and take in the view.

Tartine: The final stop on the morning coffee tour, top up here with good coffee, but also excellent pastries. I had a salted caramel doughnut and

During the rest of our time in Lisbon, we intentionally sought out a few other cafes to try, loving some of them enough to return multiple times (looking at you, Fabrica).

  • Fabrica Coffee Roasters: Best place for cold brew in Lisbon. Fabrica doesn’t mess around when it comes to brew- they roast their beans to bring out the best possible flavour, and buy straight from coffee farmers around the world. One thing to note- there’s no WiFi here, best to visit when you’re in the mood for conversation or reading
  • Wish Slow Coffee: Ample space to relax, Wish is a great coffee in the LX Factory. While you’re in LX Factory, don’t miss stopping at Landeau Chocolate for chocolate cake so good, the New York Times ranks it as a ‘must-eat’ in Lisbon
  • Nicolau Coffee: On my next visit to Lisbon, I’ll definitely be stopping here for brunch- the menu looked amazing. We popped in mid-afternoon while roaming Lisbon’s oldest neighbourhood, The Alfama for a caffeine pick-me up and the chance to rest our weary feet (enter: tons of hill climbing). It’s a cozy cafe with a relaxed vibe, and great lattes
  • Veggie Wave: If coffee isn’t your thing and you’re staying in Bairro Alto, this place is great for fresh squeezed juice first thing in the morning

Have you ever been to Lisbon? If you’re a coffee lover like me, did you enjoy the cafe scene as well? 

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2 thoughts on “Lisbon’s Best Cafes, Where to Start Mornings with Good Brew

  1. I didn’t go to any cafes in Lisbon, but I definitely had my share of pastéis de nata while there. Lisbon is one of my favorite cities I’ve visited in the country, and Portugal is one of my favorite countries I’ve visited in Europe! Thanks for this post; it brought back the memories!

    • Oh same in so many ways- writing this made me nostalgic for the trip and eager to visit Portugal again one day. And while the coffee was good in Lisbon, you had the best thing available- the egg tarts are just pure bliss.

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