Dublin’s Best Coffee Spots: 20 Spots for the City’s Best Brew

Years ago, when I visited Dublin for the first time, I did what I normally do my first time visiting a new city- looked up recommended things to see and do, and set about to explore.

Being such a bona fide cold brew fanatic, and someone who genuinely enjoys good espresso, especially in the form of flat whites or dirty chai lattes, I tried looking up a few cafes to visit.

At the time, I didn’t turn up much- at least not in city centre. From what I could see, most highly rated cafes were outside the historic district, lending more of a residential feel. And, while I love that now as a resident of Ireland, as a visitor, I recall being frustrated with how few good coffee spots there were within proximity of key sights.

To me, it made sense, when you think of Dublin, the first thing that comes to mind likely isn’t ‘great espresso’. In fact, if you’re thinking about Ireland and coffee, you’re more likely envisioning Irish Coffee, the boozy, unofficial national caffeinated drink.

Back on one of my initial visits to Dublin, I visited Hatch & Sons, across from St. Stephen’s Green, which was the best adventuring pick-me-up before I continued exploring the city.

Now, living in Dublin, I’m always on the hunt for the best cafes across the city’s neighbourhoods. Thankfully, more places exist than when I visited Dublin for the first time years ago- third wave brewers are definitely becoming a ‘thing’, and Dublin’s coffee culture is rising to the challenge.

Even in the age of COVID, many cafes are open for takeaway. While I’d love to really get a feel for some of them by posting up in them for a few hours and reading or writing, I’m grateful I’m even able to visit them with Ireland’s strict lockdown restrictions. 

With so many independent coffee shops popping up, Dublin is dotted with plenty of great options. The below picks are my go-to’s, places I oft recommend or return to, but I’ll caveat, I’m always on the lookout for new cafes.

All of the below are great for coffee, but some also have fantastic baked goods or brunch options available, which I’ve denoted with an * next to their name.

You’ll also see single use cups featured in photos throughout this post- that’s because, with COVID, many cafes are not accepting reusable cups for sanitary reasons. To be mindful, despite the circumstances, I try to only get coffee out once per week in a normal week, and usually save my cup to reuse a few times at home.

Final note, because Dublin’s neighbourhoods are identified by their numbers, I’ve included that information as well to help plan stops while you wander the city.

20 of Dublin’s Best Coffee Spots

3FE (locations across the city): My favourite spot for coffee in Dublin, I love 3FE so much, I buy their roasts for cold brew to make at home. Their flat whites are truly ace, and nothing from oatmilk mochas to prepared lattes and nitro cold brew disappoints.

Bread 41 & Cloud Picker Cafe (D2): Adjacent to each other, head to Bread 41 for Dublin’s best pastries (go early!), and then hit up Cloud Picker (Dublin’s first micro-roastery) for fantastic brews- their lavender latte is a must try in summer months.

The Fumbally* (D8): With an ever-evolving selection, no two visits here are the same. The coffees are great, and the salted tomato focaccia is the best I’ve ever had. Bonus: Also a great spot to pick up local Irish produce and goods.

 Meet Me in the Morning (D8): Open every day of the week, this perfectly named cafe does fantastic salted caramel lattes (with homemade syrups). You know it’s good when the line is out the door every time you walk past.

Kaph (D2): Inarguably one of Dublin’s best coffee shops, don’t be surprised to find this one busy if you’re not there first thing in the morning. It’s popular for a reason.

Hatch & Sons* (D2): Cozy breakfast and great coffee.

Beanhive Coffee* (D2): Fantastic wraps and scones, plus equally good coffee drinks.

Vice (D8): Situated in the back of a bar, as you’d assume, Vice doesn’t even open until late morning- ideal for those late risers. Standard coffee drinks are alright, the standouts here are the speciality ones, especially the Fancy Franky (hot Irish coffee toped with orange blossom flavoured cream).

Clement & Pekoe (D2): The queue is constant for a reason- C&P does great coffee in a Victorian atmosphere.

Nick’s Coffee (D6): Small, yet mighty. Their lattes are among the best I’ve had in Dublin.

One Kinda Folk (D6): One of my favourite cafes in Dublin, solely for the aesthetic- located behind an ivy covered wall, OKF is situated within a tiny garden. Their chai is also the best I’ve had in Dublin- brewed fresh each time, and utterly fantastic when ordered as an iced dirty chai with oatmilk.

Project Black (D6): One of the best doorways in Dublin 😉 Beyond its adorable shopfront, I love Project Black for their great flat whites and iced coffees.

Shoe Lane (D2): Love a coffee shop that traces its beans across the world, which is why Shoe Lane is one of my go-to’s in Ireland. Their flat whites are a great accompaniment for a morning stroll along the Liffey.

Two Fifty Square (D6): Another one of the all star coffee spots in Dublin, Two Fifty roasts their own brew and serves it up in a spacious, light, industrial cafe. Their flat white is another one of my favorites in the city, and I love the interior so much, I can’t wait to return when restrictions lift.

Press Cafe* (D4): Tucked away next to the National Print Museum in Beggar’s Bush, Press does great coffee, plus fresh juices and lovely brunch options.

The Orange Goat* (D4): A beloved neighbourhood cafe, their brunch is fantastic, and their coffee drinks hold their weight, too. My fav combo? Popping into Orange Goat for an iced coffee, then hitting up Toons Bridge Dairy next door for one of their legendary grilled cheese toasties.

Strand Fare (D4): A micro-grocery, Strand Fare is perfect for picnic supplies if you’re headed to Sandymount Strand, or just a hot drink to sip while watching the sunset. Oatmilk mochas plus chilly, spring sunsets are my ideal weeknight walk jam.

Two Pups (D8): A short walk from The Fumbally, I usually always hit up Two Pups if I’m in the neighborhood. The cafe is cute, but cozy, and the flat whites sure don’t disappoint.

Marlowe & Co* (D8): One of Dublin’s tiny, local grocers, I love Marlowe for their sea salt caramel iced latte. It’s so good I’ll walk a half hour on a sunny day to get one (and some beautiful flowers from their local suppliers).

Wall & Keogh (D8): Not a coffee drinker? W&K is for you- their teas, scones and muffins are fantastic. They’ve also got great espresso, so a bit of something for everyone, and a quiet back garden to enjoy it in.

Have you ever been to Dublin? Did you visit any cafes you’d recommend? And, if you’ve been drinking more coffee at home these days (see below pics ;)), any favourite drink combinations? 

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  1. I’ve recently started getting into coffee shops in my hometown of Los Angeles, and like you said, many of them are offering them to-go. Granted, it can be a bit hard to be environmentally-friendly with all of the used plastic/paper cups, but of course, limiting yourself to buying coffee from time to time makes a difference. The ones you featured in Dublin all look so cute and charming, and I’ll have to return to the city to check some of them out!

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