Hi, I’m Nicole. I’m a former-New Yorker new to life in London, always planning my next adventure.

‘Yale Wanders’ started because I wanted to share the things I love, so others can love them too. I spend more time reading Trip Advisor forums, travel blogs and Yelp/Foursquare reviews than I’d like to admit. Whenever I’m planning a trip, my goal isn’t to determine every detail or create an hour-by-hour plan. Rather, it’s to understand local customs and history, and get a sense of what the location has to offer.

As someone who works full-time, my trips are realistic. No one sponsors luxurious vacations for me, and I’m beyond the point in my life where sharing a hostel room with four other people is something I find enjoyable. I often plan for the middle ground, like an affordable Airbnb rental. Like many travel bloggers, I’ve got my fair share of tips and tricks for making travel affordable and amazing.

For my day job, I work as a digital strategist at VaynerMedia with crazy cool awesome people. My first foray into digital work was at age 11 when I created a website for Lance Bass fans (I used to take my boy bands seriously). Now, I help brands create and tell stories online.

Similar to Oprah, I have a list of favorite things. It includes: design, witty sitcoms, inspirational quotes, running, writing, yoga, cheesy horror films, the Food Network, football, and plant babies.