Hi, I’m Nicole. #WavingEmoji

Welcome to Yale Wanders, a travel blog dedicated to sharing adventures near & abroad.

I grew up in a small town north of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, and always found myself envisioning life elsewhere. Growing up, my family didn’t travel much (aside from an annual summer trip to the Jersey shore). When I got to college, I traveled internationally for the visit time- visiting London, Rome and Costa Rica on separate trips. Experiencing completely new cultures had a lasting effect on me.

After graduation, I moved to Indiana and then Austin, Texas before accepting a job that would take me to New York for over six years. During my time in New York, I traveled around the United States, but didn’t go back abroad until 2015, when a break-up encouraged me to book a solo trip back to Europe. And just like that, I was hooked visiting places where nothing, and yet somehow everything, felt familiar.

Recently, I moved to London. By day, I work for a full-service digital agency. Moving to Europe fulfilled a big dream of mine, and has made it easier for me to see another part of the world, one country at a time.

‘Yale Wanders’ started because I wanted to share the things I love, so others can love them too. Unlike a lot of travel bloggers, I don’t dream about location independence- I like having a flat to come home to, a kitchen to cook in, a yoga studio where the teachers know me, and some form of consistency in my life.

As someone who works full-time, my trips are realistic. No one sponsors luxurious vacations for me, and I’m not the kind of person who finds sharing a hostel room with eight other people enjoyable.

I created this place as a space to share my tips for making travel both amazing and affordable. Here, you’ll find destination guides, weekend getaways, can’t-miss-experiences in cities around the world, and most importantly, inspiration to explore the world we live in.



  • Exploring darling fishing towns in Norway and cruising past fjords
  • Perusing the souks in Morocco
  • Relaxing on the beaches of Bali
  • Gettting lost in the hustle and bustle of Singapore
  • Admiring art and architecture in Florence
  • Cheersing gluhwein at Christmas markets in Budapest, and warming up in one of the city’s incredible thermal baths 
  • Falling even more in love with Amsterdam, and seeing the tulips in bloom
  • Island-hopping around Greece 
  • Running a half marathon through the rolling hills of Lisbon
  • Ringing in the New Year on a safari in South Africa


  • Explore the Scottish highlands (hello, whisky tastings) 
  • Wander the colorful streets of Cartagena, Colombia 
  • Island hop, become dive certified and visit temples in Thailand
  • Hike Machu Picchu in Peru
  • Soak up the sun in the Caribbean 
  • See the sun rise over Angkor Wat in Cambodia
  • Embark on a safari in Namibia
  • Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef in Australia 
  • Road trip around the Faroe Islands, allowing nature to stun me at every turn 
  • Cruise past glaciers in Alaska