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Welcome to Yale Wanders, a travel blog dedicated to sharing adventures near & abroad.


About Nicole

By trade, I’m a writer, travel blogger and digital consultant.

I’m also a half marathoner, cold brew fanatic and strong believer in the healing power of yin yoga and sound therapy.

In 2019, I left the ad agency world to work as a digital consultant, while traveling. After a year of non-stop adventures, I relocated to Dublin to join the tech world, and continue working my way around Europe. 

So far, I’ve visited 58 countries, and with every place I visit, my understanding of the world deepens, and empathy for those existing alongside me grows.


About Yale Wanders 

At first, this blog started as a way for me to document my travels. As I kept writing and traveling though, I realized a gap in the travel advice market- the vast majority of bloggers aim to inspire through sharing beautifully edited photos and videos, or pithy captions. Very few provide the details, tools and advice needed to actually empower others to travel or plan a trip of their own.

I believe in accessible travel. Like most of those with the ability and privilege to travel, I travel on a budget. Here, you’ll find destination guides, weekend getaways, can’t-miss-experiences in cities around the world, and inspiration to explore the beautiful world we live in.

And, most importantly, comprehensive content to help you plan a trip too.


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